Day 183

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down ~ Lily Tomlin

That quote above was the main feedback I got from my final yoga class I taught today – that I need to slow down! Which I knew. I felt like I was rushing…trying to get all the information in in each pose – all the benefits, contraindications, sanskrit names…cueing …so much in so little time! And that was the conclusion I came to when writing my reflective paper as well – to slow down and not ‘rush’ through it. So at least I was on the same page as the evaluators!

And now I’m DONE! (well except needing to take the CPR course next weekend).  I can actually rest and relax and get a good sleep tonight because last night’s sleep was AWFUL – constantly dreaming about yoga mixed in with weird nightmarish dreams about my mom…which was pretty upsetting. So suffice it to say, I didn’t have a good sleep! And I wasn’t thrilled that I was teaching so late in the day (#4, after lunch, at 2:20pm!). I would’ve loved to have taught first at 9:30! but it is what it is, and that hurdle has been jumped and completed and I’m happy and proud with how it went and how I did, for the most part and since really the only critique was to ‘slow down’ the evaluators said – if that’s your only issue, that’s a good thing!

So I got up earlier than planned this morning (about 5:45 instead of 6:30 because I didn’t want to toss and turn any more and have any weird dreams!), and I did a meditation first thing this morning to help calm any anxiety I had about today. I also ended up leaving the house earlier than normal and getting an even earlier bus to the yoga college, and so I helped people set up the spaces. Better than just sitting at home being anxious and just waiting to get there!

We started the day with a grounding practice, and then a warm up, followed by a short meditation and then a 10 minute relaxation before starting with the days yoga class finals.

First class was at 9:30 and the student set the bar really high! it was a great class – we started in shavasana! She was great with her cues but didn’t give too many contraindications.Then after the first class, the evaluators met with the student teacher one on one for 15 minutes (same as all of us teaching), and the rest of us went to hang out in the lobby and eat all the yummy food and drink coffee and tea that everyone had brought!

Next, (20 mins later!) I did the other class that was in the larger yoga studio space (all the classes I did were in the bigger of the two rooms, including where I taught my class), which was taught by the only guy in the program. His class was more relaxing, with lots of nice ground based stretches – forward folds and twists and staff pose)

Next was lunch…and then the clock ticked closer to my class. Instead of just waiting around in the hour before I was to teach my own class, I did the class before mine, just after lunch. Otherwise if I’d skipped it, my anxiety would be sky high! The friend I’d invited arrived just before 2, and I ran out to meet her as soon as I’d finished the class. And then, finally, it was my turn!


I had 6 people in my class…Thanks to a friend who I invited coming along otherwise I would have had 5! Everyone was supposed to have at least 7 people but most people only had 5 – at least in my room!

I started off a little bit nervous of course…(my heart was pounding at the start!) And I think I might’ve forgot to bring my full yogic breathing  a pranayama exercise together, but I broke it down into belly, diaphragm, chest breath – and   I meant to put it alll together but I was so nervous  I think I forgot! Not a huge deal though) but for the most part my nerves went away after the first few minutes. And the time just FLEW by! (It felt like 15 minutes, not an  hour!) One piece of feedback I got from the evaluators afterwards was they liked the music I played during Shavasana (which I almost forgot to turn the volume up on my phone!). I was surprised they could hear it! They asked what it was and I said it was just from a meditation app (the Insight Timer  – ambient sound called Moonlight).

And the rest of the feedback I got was pretty positive. I’ll be getting the comments in an email, along with my final grade, in a few days, once this weekend is over! I got all the benefits and contraindications and cueing in of each pose – even cobra! I was happy I remembered to say the benefits of cobra finally!

But I just need to slow down and breathe – those are the exact words I put in my reflective paper. And I told the evaluators that when they asked how I thought I did and I said I felt a bit rushed and they said they agreed with that. So like I said we were all on the same page. They said I was brave for teaching Eagle pose and gave a suggestion to cue the arms first before the legs as it’s a bit easier instead of wobbling around finding balance on your legs and then wrapping your arms up! So that’s good advice. They also liked how I kept mentioning to listen to your body and be mindful and the one teacher said I’d be good teaching restorative and trauma yoga and specialized populations. So that was good! They said I delivered a lot of information – is that good or bad? Haha.

Overall I’m happy with my experience. It wasn’t perfect ( I ran a bit short on time at the end so had a short meditation of 3 or 4 minutes, wanting to give them a full shavasana as that’s more important).

I skipped the final class which was after mine, in order to rest and relax and unwind from my teaching experience – and enjoy a mini cinnamon bun as a treat! I made a chocolate chai bread to contribute to the potluck food. Not many people ate it today. Hopefully more will eat it tomorrow!

And the day ended with a brief closing circle with all of us going around the circle and giving one word about how we feel about today – mine was RELIEVED!

Now I’m looking forward to tomorrow to do the last 3 classes – which i’ve chosen are all in the smaller room this time! And then the latter half of the day is all the big final closing ceremony!

The whole group of us students got all the teachers thank you cards, flowers and coffee gift cards as a thank you from all of us, which we’re going to give to the teachers tomorrow during the final closing ceremony. It will be fun!

I did a lot of meditation and shavasana today (including my 5 minutes of meditation this morning!)

We also got our anatomy final back and I got 99%! Only got one question wrong – 64 out of 65! So I’m super happy about that. And pleasantly surprised! I got the one question wrong that I knew I got wrong: what anatomical direction are your wrists in in Anjali mudra (prayer). The answer was extended..(I put addicted). Oh well. Can’t complain!



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