Day 182

Do one thing every day that scares you ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m pretty sure i’ve used that quote before, but it’s a good one to repeat! And I’m definitely going to be doing that tomorrow in my final exam! i’m nervous but excited. but nervous. but excited! I’m mostly excited to be sharing my hour class and sequence with others!

Today i’m not going to go over my class plan at all. Instead I did a new video from Yoga TX at the end of my work day, at work. I just did it in my work clothes in the yoga room at work (which I had all to myself!). Yoga TX had a nice 30 minute beginner flow sequence – basically a sun salutation with warrior 2 added, and then did some core work and a bridge and supine twist at the end. So that will be the extent of my practice today. Besides a meditation.

And tonight I’m going to make another Chocolate Chai loaf for this weekend’s festivities! (once my husband leaves to go out to his soccer game!)


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