Day 180

Not knowing when he dawn will come, i open every door ~ Emily Dickinson

Happy International Women’s Day today! To all the strong, amazing, talented, awesome, beautiful, powerful women out there in the world, helping, no, MAKING the world (because where else does the future come from but women?!) and helping make the world run!

Since I’m not feeling well today, I just did a short 5 minute yoga sequence thanks to Yoga By Candace – 5 Minute Warm Up Yoga to Start Your Day – some child’s pose, down dogs, cat cows, forward folds, after waking up from a long nap after my body scan meditation.

And the rest of my yoga was reviewing my final class benefits and contraindications and taking some self care (besides drinking herbal teas with lemon! and reading a new book called Just One Thing: developing the buddha brain one simple practice at a time by Rick Hanson Phd.



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