Day 179

Worrying does not take away tomorrows trouble, it takes away today’s peace ~ Anonymous

Today I went through my final yoga sequence with a coworker at lunch. And then because I didn’t actually get much yoga in (because I was teaching!), and because I woke up this morning with a bit of a sneezing fit, and feeling like i’m coming down with a cold – and when I came down with a sore throat earlier today, I thought I better do some yoga to help when I’m sick (knock on wood it doesn’t actually come to anything!), so I did Yoga With Adriene’s 20 minute yoga for when you are sick. And now I’m going to just rest and relax and hope that the sore throat doesn’t manifest into anything more!

Listening to your body and taking it easy is easier said than done in today’s rush rush rush world!

I created a Facebook Group today for the Yoga Teacher Training I was apart of so all of us students can keep in touch and share resources, ideas, support/encouragement/ideas and just generally stay connected and in touch after the program is finished!



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