Day 178

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop ~ Ovid

I woke up this morning quite sore and stiff – as if I’d done lots of physical exercise yesterday – but I really didn’t! I mostly just sat! We only had a very short asana practice yesterday and that was it, and then I did the 20 minute yoga for bed time gentle stretches.

For my first yoga practice of the day (mainly to wake up this morning) I did the new 20 minute Yoga With Adriene video Yoga For Actors even though I’m not one!

After I took the dog out for a walk at 9am, I came back and did my yoga practice which involved:

daily sadhana practice : the 4 purifications (you’re probably getting sick about hearing about them!)  3 rounds: nadi shodan, kapala bhati, agni sar dhouti and ashwini mudra; ujjayi and brahmari breath (5 rounds), and then I did the mala-bandhas – all 3 bandhas together at once (or connected anyway) which we learned this weekend. And then I did my final class practice. I chanted om 3 times, and did some warm ups, and then I did my half hour asana sequence that I’ll be teaching as my final exam.

I got my final class plan assignment back yesterday and got 9 out of 10 on it. They cut out my balancing cat pose for some reason so instead of going from Forward fold to plank to all fours/neutral table top and then balancing cat and then downward dog, they said i should step straight back from forward fold to downward dog! What?! that just seems weird to me. It’s a smooth transition but I won’t be able to cue downward facing dog how we’ve been taught so i’m still going to go from forward fold to plank to all fours first.

I timed it for half an hour but ended up being short by about 3 minutes! Yikes! so i know i’ll have to slow down in the actual class and be longer in poses! I tried to imagine leading the class, talking through things in my head. I’m going to teach the sequence in front of my husband sometime this week (but he doesn’t have to do anything, just so I have someone to talk at! I’m also going over it tomorrow at work with a co-worker. Doing a final run through.

And I ended with a 10 minute loving kindness/positive mantra meditation. I came up with a mantra the other day that i’ve been repeating to myself (usually on the way to work): I am calm, confident, capable. I can do this! (or I am calm, I am confident, I am capable, I can do this!). So I repeated those phrases in my head while using a great new meditation site (app coming soon apparently!) called where they will donate 10 grains of rice from Oxfam (courtesy of for every minute you meditate! So with my 10 minute meditation i made 100 grains of rice (which they double to 200 if you share that you meditated on Facebook or Twitter. How great, meditation and helping world hunger at the same time!


Later in the afternoon, I did day 5 of Yoga TX’s Yoga for Weightloss Challenge.

Yesterday I finished Jen Sincero’s self improvement book You Are A Badass. It was great! I highly recommend it. And today I finished Eckhart Tolle’s Oneness with All Life: Inspirational Selections from A New Earth. Very thought provoking reading. And I’ve just put on hold: Practicing the Power of Now:  essential teachings, meditations and exercises from The Power of Now. can’t wait to read that an continue my enlightenment and growth, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


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