Day 177

It always seems impossible until it’s done ~ Nelson Mandela

Wow. I can’t believe today was the final day of my 6 month Yoga Teacher Training course! It’s been such an amazing learning/growing/confidence boosting experience! and amazingly I do actually feel like a yoga teacher, all thanks to the confidence my 4 week teaching practicum has given me!

Today was another long day full of learning. We started with our daily sadhana practice (pranayama exercises, meditation (which was eye gazing again, which we did once before a few months ago  – looking into the eyes of a partner for about 10 minutes – a strange and intimate and somewhat uncomfortable (for me) experience as an introvert, making eye contact with someone for so long). That was followed by a very short asana sequence before we moved into a review of the program and an overview of the expectations of our final practicum next weekend. The discussion after lunch was about the business of yoga and the overall program and the transformational aspect of the program, and then the remainder of the day was a couple hours (about 2.5 to 3) learning about Ayurveda and our doshas/constitutions etc (i’m mostly Pitta!). We didn’t end up having time for Kirtan at the end of the day as we had to fill out evaluation forms about the whole program for the college.

I’m winding up my day with a 20 minute bedtime yoga flow from Yoga TX to help unwind from the energy of this final YTT weekend! (I can’t believe it, 6 months has just flown by!)


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