Day 176

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” ~ Thomas Merton

17098055_10158291355580006_2316043431385416476_o-1Today was the first day of my last actual yoga teacher training weekend! (where I learn new stuff). Today we started with our sadhana which involved some warm ups (neck rolls and woodchopper and standing spinal twist), and then did the tri-bandha practice, combining all 3 bandhas in one practice, instead of each separately, and ended with about a 10 minute So Hum (which means I am That/That I am) meditation.

Then we spent the morning (3 hours!) learning about pre and post natal yoga, followed by lunch (thank god!) and then our 2 hour anatomy final which I’m so relieved is finished! I know I passed, I just don’t know how well I did. And that completes the Anatomy portion of the program! YAY!

After that we learned about Yoga for Trauma therapy which I really really want to take, which actually started last week but I didn’t want to do it at the same time as finishing this program, so I’ll take it when it is offered again next Spring.

After Yoga for trauma therapy, we did our Mentorship Circle where we went around and said how we’re feeling about stuff – and talked about our practicums and how they went.

And when I got home from yoga about 7pm I needed to do some yoga to wind down (since surprisingly we didn’t actually do any asana all day today!) so I did Yoga TX’s 10 minute Bedtime Yoga to Wind Down and Relax which was just what I needed for my kind of buzzing (yet fuzzy!) mind after all the learning we did today!

Looking forward to tomorrow where we’ll be learning more yoga philosophy, techniques, transformational teaching, business, ayurveda and kirtan (chanting/singing).

Today’s article I shared with Hufflepuff’s of the Hogwart’s Running Club was Yoga to Relieve Your Tightest Spots -tight hamstrings, IT bands and hips



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