Day 175

We need to learn how to want what we have not to have what we want in order to get steady and stable happiness ~ Dalai Lama

Today’s yoga was straight after work before husband got home from work – day 4 of the Yoga TX 7 Day Weightloss Challenge which was great – 30 minutes of Sun Salutation A and B and then some triangle and revolved triangle and locust and bow, and then a child’s pose shavasana.

I did my pranayama practice (4 purifications, ujjayi, brahmari and bandhas) and 15 minute loving kindness meditation once my husband went out (to yet another soccer thing! because it’s dry!).

I reviewed my anatomy notes for my final tomorrow at lunch today, and I’ve just had another read-through.

I’ve put together the remaining assignments for the course that are due next weekend (on our final weekend), and I’m done all the assignments now! (the package of yoga practicum forms, the 2 reflective paper on the 4 week practicum, and the 15 community classes (where we had to fill out evaluation forms for each of the 15 classes we attended at various  yoga studios or wherever). And my anatomy colouring book is done too, which is due tomorrow. I kind of wish I could just hand in all my assignments this weekend!

It will be good to get the anatomy final done tomorrow. And then after this weekend, I plan to practice my final class every day until next Saturday.


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