Day 172

We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I started my day today with the last of Sharon Salzberg’s meditations in her 28 day meditation series. The theme of this final meditation of loving kindness, which was 10 minutes, was the interconnectedness of everyone and everything, which is why I chose the above quote by one of my favourite astrophysicists, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

I finished my final yoga practicum class today – it was more challenging (asana wise, I thought) than the previous ones, starting with Surya Namaskar to warm up – and also to demonstrate how some of the poses we’ve learned over the weeks go together in a flow, and I did some challenging balancing poses (Ardha Chandrasana and Warrior 3), along with challenging core poses like boat, and  also fish pose (where I gave the option of supported fish pose with a bolster or rolled up blanket). I was sad that this was the last class of the practicum because I’ve really enjoyed the whole process and I’ve learned SO much and have got great feedback throughout, and really grateful and thankful that everyone that has attended the classes has got so much out of them. One of the women was saying to another student at the end of class: it’s amazing how much better my back feels at the end of class compared to the beginning!

I also made all the students as a thank you present some grippy socks, because there were still people who would wear socks no matter how much I said to take them off! So I thought they could use some grippy socks on their sticky mats (and keeping their feet warm). I added in a bunch of poses we hadn’t done yet, so I think we’ve pretty much done the majority of poses learned over the whole program (minus some of the more ‘advanced’ back bends like camel and bow, because a lot of my students have back issues and also Dancer pose). But we did a lot of everything else, along with some repetition of poses each class. Timing was good in today’s class. I didn’t feel rushed (probably because I cut down the 3 rounds of sun salutations I had to 2, as I walked everyone through them, and I felt I spent a bit of time doing balancing half moon (mainly because on the first side, i’d forgot to have everyone put their blocks at the front of their mats to start – oops, my bad! But I’ll definitely remember from now on to get all props set up properly before getting started!

One of my students (coworkers) at the end of class, once everyone else had left, gave me a gift as a thank you for all the classes (she was one of the core 3 people that attended all classes), a beautiful ceramic owl!  (my mom loved collecting owls, and since she’s passed away just over a year ago, I’ve taken on a love owls too (and have an owl tattoo in her memory) so that was lovely that this one student saw it and thought of me! I’ve put the owl in my yoga room as part of my altar space! what a beautiful and lovely addition I think!


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