Day 171

If I accept the sunshine and warmth, then I must also accept the thunder and lightening ~ Khalil Gibran

Today I woke up just after 7am (I had tried to sleep in longer but it wasn’t happening), and I practiced the class I’m going to teach tomorrow (my final practicum class at work!), and then I did my pranayama and bandhas and today’s Sharon Salzberg’s 5 minute loving kindness meditation about Compassion – feeling compassion for others.

And then I went back upstairs and got into bed for another 10 minutes until my husband had to get up for work. Once he left, and after I’d digested my breakfast (and egg sandwich with my new favourite thing to put on everything – pesto!), I did Day 1 of the Yoga TX 7 day weight loss challenge , which was 30 minutes, and then followed it up with the new Yoga With Adriene ‘quickie’ video 6 minute Post Workout Yoga which was great stretching out the hamstrings and quads. And then, because today’s loving kindness meditation was only 5 minutes, and we’re supposed to do 10 – 20 minutes a day, I did a 10 minute guided loving kindness meditation with my Calm app.

I also reviewed the contraindications and benefits and cues of the poses I’ll be teaching in my final practicum class. The one thing I haven’t done (yet!) is review my anatomy stuff for the final exam next weekend.


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