Day 169

Look at the sparrows; they do not know what they will do in the next moment. Let us literally live from moment to moment ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This morning I got up at 6:30 and did my yoga practice, starting with tuning-in and chanting OM and then I did my intermediate pranayama practice, followed by the bandhas, and then ujjayi and brahmari breath. Then I id my week 3 practicum class again because it’s the class i submitted as my final practicum, what i’m going to be teaching for my ‘final exam’.

My class was:

Tadasana – mountain pose

Warrior 1 to Standing Spinal Twist (kati chakrasana) to Warrior 1

Chair Pose

Triangle to Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold to Triangle on the other side

Eagle Pose

Forward Fold to tabletop

Balancing Cat

Downward Facing Dog to High Plank

Cobra to Child’s pose as a counter pose


Marichi 1 Twist (and counter twist)

Bridge pose

Wind releasing

Two Knee Revolved Belly Twist

Happy Baby

Then I ended with today’s Sharon Salzberg Meditation – sending loving kindness out to various people – people you like, people you might not get along with, people you are close to etc.

I was finished my practice by 8am, where I then had a shower after doing some oileation – oiling my body with coconut oil which is one of the dinacharya/daily routine practices we’re supposed to do for the next few weeks until the end of course – so then I was able to wash off the oil in the shower.

After breakfast I reviewed my anatomy notes for the final exam.

Today’s Hufflepuff bendy badger post I shared was 4 yoga poses to help ease anxiety.


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