Day 168

When you listen deeply, you help people suffer less ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I chose today’s quote  because  I ended up listening to people a lot today  and  listening to their insecurities and concerns and I felt that I was really helping them just by lending my ear.

Today started with a co-worker walking into the office this morning and calling me yoga girl! He said “morning yoga girl” which I thought was funny and then I later wondered if he actually knows my name or not (since it’s a fairly new job). A little bit later in the morning another co-worker arrived in the office and the first thing he said to me was “are you certified yet?”  I said no, “but soon?” he asked, and I said yes, mid March, 2 weeks. And then we started talking about yoga and the person said that they really want to start doing yoga because they think it will help their bad hips and knees and back. And then we got onto the topic of mindfulness as well and I mentioned a conversation I had yesterday about chair or office yoga and perhaps maybe offering some chair yoga to co-workers before morning meetings and things like that. My coworker said that initially I might have some people make fun and joke about it but once they realize the benefits and how beneficial it would be I think they would really enjoy it.

I initially was going to stay late after work today and do my yoga practice at work and then wait until my husband finished work at 5 and get a ride home with him, but it was so nice and sunny that I decided to head straight home after work and take the dog out for a walk first and then do my yoga practice at home which I managed to do before my husband got home from work.

My yoga practice today was me going over my week 4 of my 4 week series the theme of which is radiate and engage period I feel that some of the transitions of some of the poses as a little bit clunky and not too smooth but I think it will still work. The sequence is:

1. sun salutations,  three rounds

2. Warrior 2 two balancing Half Moon and then back to Warrior 2

3. Tadasana Mountain pose to Warrior 3-2 Mountain to Warrior 3

4. Goddess pose

5. Yogi squat

6. Tiger

7. Locust

8. Child’s pose to thunderbolt

9. Boat

10. Wide leg seated Fwd fold

11. Fish – full or supported

12. Wind releasing

13. 2 knee twist

14. Happy baby

It seems like I like to end my classes with happy baby for some reason before heading into shavasana. I’m not sure why that is. last night we got our daily sadhana practice for the next two weeks –  which includes choosing one meditation to practice for 10 to 20 minutes a day and let it become part of our being so I’ve decided to choose loving kindness meditation to focus on. Our Asana practice insta focus on counter poses and transitions in our routines and also to go over and practice our four-week series which I have been doing anyway we are also supposed to study for Anatomy final exam that is next weekend and also review the verbal cues and are teaching binder and in Donna Farhi’s book.

My husband went out tonight to some soccer games so that is when I decided to finish my yoga practice and do my pranayama and meditation that is also outlined in our daily sadhana practice – the intermediate pranayama practice of the four purifications and the three bandha’s, and then 5 rounds of ujjayi breath and brahmari breath.

it took me about half an hour to get through the pranayama practice and then I did a 10-minute loving-kindness meditation and also did the Sharon Salzberg meditation for today of loving kindness the theme of which was opening the heart,  where you had to visualize or imagine sitting in the middle of a circle surrounded by people that inspire you that are either living or the are historical or that are even mythological and imagine sending loving kindness to them and feeling their admiration and love towards you and their positive energy coming to you. It was an interesting exercise.


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