Day 167

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none ~ Shakespeare

Today’s yoga practice was Yoga With Adriene’s Day 1 of her 30 days of yoga, first posted 2 years ago – Ease Into It – a fantastic 35 minute class – that surprisingly had no warriors, no trees, nothing more complicated than planks and a few low lunges! (and lots of downdogs and forward folds). The first half of the practice was gentle warm ups and stretches. It was fantastic!

And I did today’s Sharon Salzberg meditation – day 21 – a 6 minute  Walking Lovingkindness meditation – walking and saying to yourself I am peaceful or I am well, and also you are peaceful, you are well etc.

Today I sent my Yoga students a little ‘gift’ of some free music to be used for yoga and meditation that I stumbled across last night online courtesy of the artist/musician Moby, and it’s free. 4 hours of relaxing, gentle music with no vocals – for free! Check out Long Ambients 1 Calm. Sleep .

And this weekend I’ve decided I’m going to make my practicum students a gift as a thank you for taking my classes over the 4 weeks – so i’ve decided I’m going to make everyone some yoga socks! since some people in my class don’t take off their socks even after me telling them to do so! So i’m going to buy some socks and buy some puffy craft paint and make some grippy yoga socks for everyone so they can stay warm AND grip the mat!



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