Day 164

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete ~ Jack Kornfield

I chose the above quote because, today is a day for self care. A day of rest and recovery after this second to last Yoga Teacher Training weekend! And because it’s my period (I know, I know, TMI, but all women get it so it’s not a big mystery!). And also because tomorrow will be a big day for yoga for me.

So I woke up today and did Yoga With Adriene’s new ‘quickie’ video called 7 minute Yoga Boost. Which was great. But because I was/am suffering from cramps today (I woke up with them), I decided to do some yoga videos to help relieve my period symptoms. So I did this great short video featuring a few (3 or 4) basic poses, Yoga for Women, Menstruation sequence by Ekhart Yoga, where the instructor tells you to hold each pose for 2-3 minutes (so you’ll want to pause the video and do that). Then I did the super short 4 minute Yoga for Menstrual Pain which walked you through seated forward fold, wide legged seated forward fold and child’s pose. And then the 8 minute Yoga for Menstrual cramp relief with Rashmi, which I really liked.

Then I went upstairs to do my intermediate pranayama practice (minus agni sar dhouti due to my cramps) and the 3 bandhas/locks/seals. And then, because I missed doing Sharon Salzberg’s meditation yesterday I did yesterdays and todays. Yesterdays was a 10 minute meditation on how to deal with challenging emotions like anger or sleepiness – not to push them away or react to them but just observe them and observe what sensations these emotions have in your body. And then today’s meditation was just a 5 minute meditation on how emotions can change during meditation – how they ebb and flow.  Through Sharon Salzberg’s site, I signed up for (which is what her meditation recordings have been through). It seems a great, fun site for cultivating more happiness in your life with the help of leading scientists (psychologists etc) and giving you daily activities to do to help: decrease stress, decrease worrying/anxiety, take time for yourself, be compassionate towards others and many other things. Check it out here!

And I finished my yoga practice at about 10am and by then I was starving so went and ate breakfast!



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