Day 159

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

Though sometimes I think strength is required for continuous effort in things you want to achieve!

I got my yoga on this morning before I left for work – I was thankful the new Yoga With Adriene video was only 7 minutes – Yoga for Runners which was a great way to wake up my legs with the lunges and the forward folds! And my back appreciated it too since I woke up at 2am yet again with an agonizing sore back with lying in my weird twisted position on my side! Which meant o had to lie on my back with my knees bend for awhile to try and relax my low back.

I have an assignment due for yoga class this weekend that I was only reminded of yesterday (yikes!) When I got an email from the college with this weekend’s schedule. We have to hand in our final one hour class plan. I spent over an hour last night searching through my yoga teacher training binder to find the assignment instructions, only to realize today after asking fellow students, that they didn’t have it either, and that basically it’ll be the same thing as what we handed in for our 4 week series class plans. Some of my fellow students are just going to be submitting one of their 4 week series classes as what they are going to do for their final class that we have to teach in front of the rest of the students and be evaluated on. But I feel that’s kind of lazy and a cop out. So I’ve found a routine that I’d made up and saved to my Evernote app on my phone and I’m going to submit that as my final class to teach on the last weekend of the program.

Though I’m going to give it a test run tomorrow at lunch and run it through with one of my students and get feedback from them (but it’ll be outside of my 4 week series – so it’ll be a bonus class for my co-worker!). And hopefully it’ll flow okay. It’ll be a great one for the back with lots of spine lengthening/stretching!  (Good for both of us as we both have back issues!)

So I’ll do that tomorrow, see if my coworker likes it and if so, submit it this Saturday (just on paper!).

I did my meditation practice, day 1 of week 3 of Sharon Salzberg 28 day meditation challenge. This week is all about mental things – thinking and emotions and how to deal with those subtler things through meditation. Today’s meditation was all about making a mental note about things youight be thinking or hear or whatever.

Then I did my pranayama exercises (not feeling up to the bandhas at the moment. I had a chocolate chip cookie when I got home and I’m still feeling it sitting at the bottom of my stomach. Blergh.)

I downloaded a new self help book from the library today: You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. I’ve just read the first few pages so far but it’s good – very humourous.





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