Day 158

Be foolishly in love, because love is all their is ~ Rumi

Happy made-up holiday to all my friends and family! (it’s February 14th, which means Valentine’s Day – which  can be a sad day for people who aren’t in romantic relationships with anyone at the moment. But I don’t believe Valentine’s day should just be about celebrating romantic love. I think it should just be about celebrating love! Love of your famiy, your friends, your curent situation, your life, the planet etc.  Everyone has someone to love…Even if it’s yourself (which really is the most important anyway!)

This morning’s yoga practice, I had got up planning on doing a weight loss yoga video from youtube (maybe a Yoga with Adriene or a Brett Larkin or Yoga TX or PsycheTruth), or maybe just a Morning Yoga video, but then I happened to see that Yoga With Adriene had posted a Valentine’s day vinyasa video from a few days ago – a Valentine’s Yoga Flow – Yoga For Love, so I did that instead. It was a great 36 minute flow with lots of heart opening (cobra, standing camel, low and high lunge with back bends, twists to open to chest).

So that was my yoga today. I haven’t done any meditation or pranayama yet.

Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought I would give my husband the gift of unhealthy chocolate chip cookies – i never make REAL treats with real sugar (brown or white) and stuff like that – I always bake unrefined sugar free and with natural sweetners like dates and honey etc. So as a treat I thought I’d make some chocolate chip cookies! But I messed up the recipe, adding the sugar to the flours and not the eggs etc which made my cookies more cakey. So I’m calling them Chocolate Chip Cakies, not cookies. I’m kind of disappointed. Also, the recipe called for 1.5 cups of chocolate chips. It turns out that is WAY too many chocolate chips! And guess who has just eaten 3 of these cookies AND left over sushi for dinner? and who’s stomach is now really hating them right now?! UGH.


Note to self: don’t make unhealthy treats anymore! Even though my husband appreciated the thought!


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