Day 156

Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever ~ Lance Armstrong

I woke up at 4:30 with agonizing back pain with how I was sleeping. I tried to lie on my back with my knees bent to help, but I knew that wasn’t going to totally help, so even though I didn’t really want to get out of bed at 4:30am, my  back pain wasn’t going to let me get back to sleep easily. So I got up and went downstairs, turned on my computer, and spent about 5 minutes trying to find a good sounding/good looking/ decent length video on YouTube for yoga to help with my aching back.  I found YogaTX’s Yoga For Back Pain – Gentle Stretches for Pain Relief and Flexibility, a 25 minute video that I loved, with great stretches – side stretches and child’s pose etc. And then I was wanting to look for more videos with the same instructor, so I googled and found another back pain video – this one called 20 Minute Beginners Stretches for Low Back Pain Relief – both together were just what my back needed! If anyone has a sore, achey back for any reason, I suggest checking these out! (but be careful if you have something other than muscular pain and if it’s more nerve – listen to your body!). So I did 45 minutes of yoga for my back, and then I followed it with my pranayama breathing exercises (because I was up anyway, and had peace because it was only about 5:30am by that point!) and followed them up with the 3 bandhas.

I was wanting to do the Sharon Salzberg’s day 12 meditation but it was a mindfulness eating meditation, so I saved that for later in the day. I had planned to do a body scan meditation when I went back to bed, but I forgot. I got back to bed about 6 and slept until 8am – it’s always a great feeling to have my yoga practice done so early in the morning and then going back to bed because when I wake up again, ‘officially’, I’ve already done my yoga and can start my day afresh and new!  I just still need to do my meditation practice at some point later today.


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