Day 154

When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside ~ Rumi

Today is random yoga sequence day! I originally was going to do Yoga With Adriene’s Yoga for the Winter Blues but I will save that for tomorrow’s practice, since I came across another yoga routine (one of my own – a modern version of scrawling stuff on post it notes or scraps of paper). I was feeling antsy sitting at my desk at work so decided to take my lunch break and make it a yoga break – and I happen to have a few random yoga sequences I’ve made up saved on my Evernote app on my phone, so I was scrolling through them and came across one that sounded good – so I randomly did that!

The sequence was:

Seated bound angle → Cat cow (kind of weird to go from bound angle to cat cow but whatever, it’s do-able!) → Down dog → Child’s pose→ Down dog→Forward Fold→Plank →Down dog (lots of down dogs!)→Cobra→Child →Low lunge →forward fold →low lunge→Chair→Palm Tree→Triangle →Tadasana →Triangle →Sun Salutations x 3→Forward Fold →Cobra →Thunderbolt →Staff→Head to Knee →Wind Releasing (both knees then one leg)→Two Knee Revolved Belly→Happy Baby and finally shavasana!

When I got home from work, I felt a bit blah and nauseous (probably because I’m getting my period soon). And because my husband was working on editing his podcast, I took the opportunity to go upstairs and lie down in bed and do Sharon Salzberg’s Day 10 of her meditation challenge – a 15 minute actual body scan meditation (whereas yesterday was just focused on on sensations in the body general and in some specific areas (hands, and soles of the feet). Today was a full body scan which I was really looking forward to because it’s my favourite kind of meditation/mindfulness exercise! I think I might have fallen a sleep a tiny little bit though. Then I got up and went into my yoga room to do my pranayama and bandhas.



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