Day 153

Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got ~ Robert Brault

Today I got an email from one of my yoga practicum class students asking me what positions are good for relieving gas! So I told her: wind releasing/relieving pose, child’s pose, locust, triangle (for indigestion), forward fold, perhaps twists – any pose that presses or squeezes into the lower abdomen to help massage the digestive organs and push as along the intestines – and the student was very thankful!

I also got feedback from another student I suggested some poses to help her outer hip tightness. She gave Gomukhasana a try (cow face pose), and even though she couldn’t get her knees stacked directly on top of each other (either can I right now!), she said it REALLY helped her hips and she thanked me SO MUCH! Again, I’m helping people! It’s such a great feeling! This whole practicum has been such a rewarding experience, and a glimpse into what teaching yoga can bring the teacher.

I also sent my small group of students a couple charts of yoga poses I found online, and marked the ones we have done so far (and will be doing!) in my 4 week series (though not all are on their like Standing Spinal Twist), and everyone loved it!

My personal yoga practice today was just Yoga With Adriene’s 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga when I got home from work, and my meditation today was day 9 of Sharon Salzberg’s 28 meditation challenge which was an approximately 8 minute body scan/body sensation/awareness meditation.



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