Day 152

When you feel a peaceful joy, that’s when you’re near truth ~ Rumi

Today’s yoga practice I did at lunch in the corner of my floor where there’s usually fitness classes held. But I went in and used the space in between classes. I did my week 3 Practicum Class, just to practice the flow and transitions. Because I changed my sequence a bit based on the feedback I got on my class plan assignment, I started the class on the ground in Balancing Cat and Child’s pose, and then the next pose I had was Tadasana (originally my first pose). So I needed to figure a way to get from the ground up to standing. And I did that by stepping into a low lunge from table top, then raising back knee up and stepping up into  a forward fold and then rolling up to stand in tadasana/mountain.

My timing was a bit off (in that I finished everything with 4 minutes to spare! ) but that’s okay. I’m not worried about timing right now, I was just doing the sequence for myself today. Right now I feel all super drained with an allergy attack after eating an apple (I have a food sensitivity/allergy to apples and sometimes I’m okay with them if I get certain organic ones – and the one I had was organic, but since I’ve eaten it I’ve had itchy watery eyes and feel just drained of all energy!)

The sequence I did was:

Week 3 – It’s theme was Centre and Align

1.    Balancing Cat – 1 side to Uttitha Balasana  – Extended Child’s Pose to Balancing cat other side

Transition – step into a low lunge (one foot forward), then raise back knee and step up to forward fold then roll up to standing

2.    Tadasana 

3.    Warrior 1 –Virabhadrasana 1 to Kati Chakrasana – Standing Spinal Twist to Warrior 1

4.    Chair Trikonasana -Triangle  to Prasaritta Padottanasana -Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold (repeat)

5.    Garudasana – Eagle pose (both sides)

6.    Uttanasana – Forward Fold  {transition Plank to floor to table top}

7.    Downdog and push forward to plank (or on knees) then back to Downdog to plank

8.    Lower knees to floor to Cobra (Bhujangasana)

9.    Balasana – Child’s Pose

10.  Vajrasana – Thunderbolt

11.  Marichi twist 1 (both sides)

12.  Setu Bandhasana – Bridge pose

13.  Eka Pada Pavan Muktasana – 1 leg wind releasing To Revolved belly (one side)

14.   1 leg wind releasing To Revolved belly (other side)

I just got a late evaluation form back from one of my students for yesterdays class and they really enjoyed the class yesterday and rated me 5 because I corrected the poses (whereas after the first class they rated me 4 because they didn’t think I’d observed people and corrected poses but that’s okay!)  They thought it was an excellent class and said I was confident.

When I got home, my husband started to play punk music which had started to grate on my nerves so I took that time to go upstairs and take some solace in my pranayama practice, followed by practicing/doing the locks/bandhas, and then I did Sharon Salzberg’s Day 8 of her meditation challenge – and it was about a 6 minute Walking Meditation where she had you walking mindfully, feeling your feet and your legs as you walked (i just walked up and down the upstairs floor of my house).  It was really interesting walking mindfully, feeling the placement of my foot and my leg on the ground. I initially wasn’t feeling well, still feeling drained and blah from my allergies earlier in the day, but i’m glad I completed my practice today.


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