Day 150

Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds ~ Dhiraj Raj

Today I woke up wanting to do some morning yoga routine. So I was surprised to find a new 5 minute Yoga with Adriene video posted just earlier today for Morning Yoga! It was a great little warm up. But I wanted to do a little more so then I found a morning yoga for flexibility routine that was 25 minutes by Sean Vigue called Energizing Morning Yoga – 2o minute flexibility class. It was annoying the video was interrupted with 3 ads.

After that I took a break from my practice and made myself and my husband french toast for breakfast. Then my husband left to go and do a soccer journalism thing, so once he’d left at about 9:45am I continued with my practice by tuning in with 3 OM’s, and then doing my intermediate pranayama practice (the 4 purifications one after each other for 3 rounds), then the 3 bandhas (or locks) for 3 rounds each. Then I did Day 5 of Sharon Salzberg’s 28 day meditation thing – because I forgot to yesterday. I went to do day 6 afterwards, but the website seems to be down now. So then I did a 10 minute guided meditation with my Calm app about Choice.

Tomorrow I teach my 2nd class of my 4 week series – with the theme of Support/Foundation, and it’ll be a bit more challenging than last Tuesdays class which was all ground-based. This will have standing poses (mountain pose, forward fold, warrior 2, side angle) and both versions of tree pose (palm tree and ‘regular’ tree pose vrikshasana).

I’m looking forward to it! Especially since it’ll be a lot easier to set up the room tomorrow since all the supplies (props and mats) are now just in a nearby room and not in the other building!


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