Day 147

You’re mad. Bonkers. Off your head…but i’ll tell you a secret. All of the best people are ~ Alice in Wonderland

Today I got up and did 2 morning yoga videos before work – a 15 minute Yoga to Wake Up by Candace. And then I followed that with Yoga With Adriene’s 21 minute Gentle Morning Sequence – one of my favourite go-to morning yoga videos!

Then off to work I went, where the snow flurries that were forecast started to fall as I was walking to work at 6:30. By 7:30 snow was sticking on the ground. And it got heavier as the day went on. I really thought that tonight’s 2 hour lecture on the business of yoga – how to make a living as a yoga teacher (from 6:30 to 8:30) would be cancelled, and I kept checking my email every 5 minutes (even while I was on the bus there  – I got an early bus to ensure i’d get there in case of any delays). I got there with no issues, though the bus was starting to have trouble getting traction in places as snow started to stick a bit to the main roads (the side roads were already a mess!). I got off my bus, and 5 minutes later I saw the same number bus I had just got off (a different bus) get stuck and spin trying to get moving again after having stopped at a stop! It was having major issues. So I was NOT wanting to take transit home 2 hours later! Thankfully (and very gratefully!) a couple of us were able to get a ride home with one of the students that lived in our general area – all the members of my element group – who all live in the general same area of the city (east Vancouver). Because I was not comfortable taking a bus, seeing how it had continued to snow for the 2 hours we were in the talk! 2 people ended up being late – one lady got there an hour late and had spent 20 minutes banging on the door of the college before I happened to turn around and see her at the door! poor thing. And another girl got there with 15 minutes left of the talk, but again the college door was locked, and had spent the whole last 15 minutes knocking on the door, until again, I turned around and saw her (why only me?! I was sitting in the front row of the class!). Anyways, poor girl having such a horrible time to get all the way there only to miss the whole thing!

It was an interesting lecture – about how to decide/find/create your core message – something that you come back to every class – that you are always telling people – I think mine is Be Yourself (Everyone Else is Already Taken said Oscar Wilde) – be yourself while doing yoga, don’t worry about others, and how they look. worry about how you feel in your own body while doing yoga.

We also talked/thought about what excites us about our own practice – What I like about my own yoga practice is that it allows me to just be me – to be my body and moving – my mind shuts off and doesn’t think about yesterday or worry about tomorrow – it is just in the present moment and that’s I think what I love about yoga (besides the fact it’s good for the health of your body – strength of body and joints and flexibility).

The teacher also talked about how teaching drop in classes is where most yoga teachers start, but they should also start with doing their own progressive classes or workshops – progressives are 6 week classes that have the same students (students who have pre-paid upfront for all 6 weeks), to take that series of classes (whatever theme it might be). And then once the progressive is done you can learn from it, refine it, change it and do it again, and/or start a 2nd progressive series of classes for a core group of students to register and do – that’s how you get your followers – your dedicated students – more so than drop in classes – because they resonate with whatever you are offering during your 6 weeks progessive classes (it could be beginners yoga, or chakras or…whatever!). And then the more progressives you do, maybe eventually you can stop teaching so many drop in classes (at a studio or community centre etc).

We also talked about the pros and cons of drop in classes – cons : you’re working for a studio – someone else’s expectations and what they want you to do. Pros: you get lots of experience dealing with a wide variety of clients. Also the pros of working for a big studio: someone else manages your pay etc cons: the pay might not be as high or as much as working for a smaller studio (but smaller studios can be harder to get into). The lady who did the presentation actually owns/runs / is studio director of a small studio here in the city (Ocean and Crow yoga). So she gave us some good advice – find your uniqueness, what you want to teach – what your values are – and then stand by those values when you go look for a job and sell yourself – once you’ve found your core message (which can evolve and change!).

Learned a lot but I was just  thankful to get home safely at the end of the night! And then due to the snow, the College program director sent out an email asking for feedback from all of us how the commute to the talk was last night in the bad weather/snow because they were wanting to make a decision about whether or not to hold class on Saturday or cancel. I wrote back with my experience – how the trip there was no issue, but going back I probably would have had issues on the bus.

Later they sent another email saying that class time has been pushed back to 11am on Saturday or they would let everyone know by 8am if it was cancelled or not. This has been the worst year for bad snow days falling on these weekends we have Yoga Teacher Training! Other weekends where we don’t have class are totally fine weather wise!



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