Day 146

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.~Roald Dahl

Today’s yoga was very simple and short. I did the Sun Salutation A + Warrior 1 and Triangle and Warrior 2 sequence my yoga friend on the other side of the country recommended to me through the wonders of the internet and Facebook Messenger . It was a fun little routine, even though my dog was being all whiny and wanting attention and wanting me to get his ball and stuff while I was doing it!

Then I did my pranayama exercises (which I didn’t end up doing last night after all..i know, bad me! But I did do my mediation last night before getting into bed to read for awhile (and falling asleep at 8:20pm according to my Garmin Vivofit2!), and I followed it up practicing the 3 bandhas and then I did a 10 minute natural breath meditation, trying to ignore my dogs whines to get his ball which was easily reachable about 2 feet in front of him!

And that was my practice today! I’m really excited about this weekend’s yoga teacher training schedule – tomorrow night’s lecture is all about the Business of Yoga, and then Saturday we’ll be learning more about Ayurveda, and doing/learning about Yin yoga. And then Sunday is our Daily Sadhana practice (pranayama and meditation and an asana class), and then learning/doing Chair yoga, and some anatomy!

Can’t wait! so much new stuff! and it’s our little group’s turn (and last time!) for bringing stuff for tea time this weekend too! (I made my Vega One Nutritional powder (mocha flavour) chocolate chip oatmeal bites that I’m bringing as the dessert!)

I just signed up for a free 28 day Meditation Challenge called ‘Real Happiness’ that started yesterday on Feb 1st, by Sharon Salzberg ( and broken into 4 different weeks. Week 1’s focus is Concentration.


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