Day 143

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves ~Thomas A. Edison

I got up today at 5am because I couldn’t get back to sleep after waking at around 4 to go to the washroom. So what did I do? I got up and did some yoga! Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution Day 30 (second to last day!) an Intuition Practice for 28 minutes. Then I thought about going back to bed, but then did my pranayama practice, and practiced the bandhas. And then I painted my toes so that my toes would look all pretty for my class tomorrow. And THEN I went back to bed for 2 hours ( I was freezing and had to turn on the heat but even that didn’t help!) and got up at 10 past 8 when my husband’s alarms went off because he didn’t turn them off before he went away on holiday! grrr

I then got up and cut zucchini into slices for my zucchini lasagna i’m making tonight (using zucchini instead of pasta noodles). And then I decided to run through my whole 1 hour class as if there was people in the room with me, just to get the timing down and work through any anxiousness/nervousness that might happen at the beginning of class tomorrow, and get what I wanted to say said. I did okay and timed it pretty well, managing 5 minutes for shavasana and about 4 minutes for meditation.

Then I made the snacks i’m going to bring for tea time next weekend for Yoga Teacher training – chocolate chip protein powder oatmeal ball thingies. With Mocha flavoured protein powder (vega one) and banana and coffee and chocolate chips and oats and vanilla and chia seeds. That’s it! They’re yummy.

And then I took my dog for a walk for half an hour (it’s still chilly – I really should have worn my gloves!) and on the way back I was thinking about my yoga class tomorrow and teaching it to the small group of coworkers, and thinking about how i’ll be nervous and i shouldn’t be nervous and why would I be nervous? And then I had a sudden epiphany. That made me talk out loud while I was outside walking my dog – I am going to be helping people tomorrow teaching them yoga! so why should I be nervous to help people?! I shouldn’t! so that’s what I’m going to keep reminding myself. I’m offering a service to help people – no reason to be nervous about that! I’m really glad I had that epiphany/thought because I feel so much better and excited to help people through my yoga class tomorrow!


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