Day 142

I dwell in possibility ~ Emily Dickinson

This morning I got up at 6:30 and did the gratefully, thankfully short (14 minute) Truth Practice of Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution. Then I headed off to make up day of Yoga Teacher Training (after a breakfast of egg and avocado toast!).

The day was broken down into : Sadhana (daily practice to start – where we did the 4 purifications and the bandhas, and discussed any issues we might have with our pranayam practice). Then we did a half hour yoga (asana) practice lead by one of the teachers – to get us up and moving before we sat again and practiced teaching meditation to each other in small groups – the meditation I was given to teach was Observation of Natural breath. The other 3 people did the other 3 kinds of meditation we’ve learned so far: So Hum, Magnification of the Heart and Loving Kindness.  And then we discussed how our meditation practice has been going and how we felt teaching it- i felt totally calm and comfortable which was great! Then we went for lunch (where I ran out and bought a new yoga mat which gave me about 15 minutes to actually eat my lunch when I got back). Then after lunch from 1 until 5 we learned (and practiced) restorative yoga poses with partners one of us was ‘lily’ and the other was ‘rose’  and the ‘rose’ person was the first person to ‘receive’ the pose from ‘lily’ the teacher. We did an exercise where we got ourselves into a ‘stress state’ and then a ‘relaxed state’ – we ran around and rushed and bumped into each other crossing back and forth across the room, then we stopped and noticed how we felt (heart racing, body tingling in areas, mind was buzzing). and then we did the same thing in a relaxed and leisurely way, doing whatever we felt and going wherever we felt was comfortable, then we stopped and listened and noticed how we felt then.

One thing the teacher said that was interesting was ‘if we go 20% slower, you’ll see/notice so much more!

And with restorative yoga the more the body feels supported (by props) the more it can relax.

The 3 principles of restorative yoga, said the teacher, is:

  1. support (props)
  2. passively resting
  3. time – holding a shape for 20 minutes at a time is optimal but usually in restorative yoga classes most times it is 10-15 minutes

The poses we did/learned and taught each other were: reclined pose on a bolster, reclined twist on a bolster, child’s pose (on a bolster that was either on an incline, decline or just raised but parallel – whichever we found most comfortable). Then we did legs up the wall (individually) to end the whole practice. It was taught to us by the teacher who teaches the Yoga for Chronic Pain Management program – which I’m really interested in and am planning on taking in September.

I’m nervous but excited about my upcoming class on Tuesday! I just hope I find out where I can hold it and let everyone know! I’m going to email people tonight to hopefully get an answer tomorrow so i’ll know what is happening on Tuesday. Once Tuesday is over I am hoping that any nerves I may have left during the first class will be gone for the rest of the series! *fingers crossed*




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