Day 141

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it ~ Edith Wharton

I woke up at 6:20am this morning. And that was with me trying to sleep in! Mind you, I did fall asleep about 8:30 last night so I got lots of sleep anyway. Full of weird dreams. Mostly thinking about yoga. But then I had a weird dream about time travel and opening doors trying to get back home and ending up in different places. It was creepy somehow, but I can’t remember how exactly.

So I got up this morning and did Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution Day 28 a Heart Practice which wasn’t challenging except for Camel pose, which I didn’t go very far into, but my back still ended up being a bit achey!

Then I did day 20 (whoo almost done!) of the Wanderlust 21 day challenge where we did Flying Pigeon (what?!) – though I didn’t do it because I couldn’t! and then something called Lolasana (again, what?!) lifting ourselves up off our mats with our hands on blocks beside our hips. Though I couldn’t lift up all the way there either. Oh well, I tried!

Soon I’ll be heading out to my friends (in 2 hours) to run through my first class with her – hopefully! she had trouble clearing space in her living room and also hurt her hand! so hopefully she’ll be able to do yoga! otherwise we’ll just chat over tea before heading for lunch! wow, lots of exclamation marks, much in this paragraph?

I will add onto this when I get home later today.

Okay, it’s 6pm. I’m home, eaten dinner (left over strawberry and chocolate baked oatmeal!). And now I can write about my yoga session this morning. For some reason I started off a bit nervous during the first few minutes (probably because I’ve never taught yoga to anyone else besides my fellow Yoga Teacher Training people!), and then I got into my flow – though I forgot to do the 2nd pranayama exercise after going through full yogic breath! I had written down to do Ujjayi breath, but forgot to. Then I was wondering why my time was off and I was so behind from the times I’d written down on my sheet! I ended up adding in the Ujjayi breath at the end of the practice. Though somehow I managed to lose time and ended up having to change my one legged wind releasing into 1 leg revolved belly to normal wind releasing (hugging both knees into chest) and then moving both knees down to one side and then the other. And then the shavasana was a little short, and same with the meditation at the end. So I’ll have to work on that on Tuesday! And hopefully i won’t be as nervous at the beginning! Overall it went well today – it was nice to practice it out with someone else, to figure out where I needed to work on (timing!), and my friend really enjoyed the poses as it helped to release her tight and achey back. So yay! I helped someone with yoga! I feel good/proud of that! :).

We managed to squeeze 2 yoga mats into her small living room – it was a bit cramped but workable! (though I had to put my legs up during sphinx pose because they couldn’t straighten all the way down due to a stack of cds or dvds in the way behind me!). I ended up fitting everything within the hour so that was good (even though I had to make a few adjustments to poses!)



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