Day 138

Love is the bridge between you and everything ~ Rumi

The above quote was at the top of our weekly practice ‘schedule’ (for lack of a better word)

Last night I listened to a meditation CD we got given as a little Christmas gift by the course teachers called:Meditation: An Introduction by Nirmala Raniga but I was so tired from getting up at 5am that I started to fall asleep while listening to the CD/trying to follow her instructions to meditate!

I slept in a bit this morning and got up at 5:30 this morning to do Yoga With Adriene’s short ( 18 minutes) Revolution video, a Root Practice. Then I followed it with Day 17 of the Wanderlust Challenge which was a hip opening routine where we did Eagle, Reclining Pigeon (or Figure 4 stretch) and Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose (there was an option to do it reclining which is what I did because I struggle with the sitting upright version!).

So because the whole thing only took about 40 minutes, I had a bit of time before heading off to work (read: about 15 minutes so not tons of time! But I walked to work the long way today, the first time in a long time because all the snow and ice has finally gone (and McDonald’s are doing their $1 McCafe specialty drinks (lattes, cappuccinos etc).

When I got home I was hungry, but I wanted to get my practice in first before eating anything, so I could get it ‘done and out of the way’ (bad thinking, I know!). So I did my Om and my Pranayam practice (intermediate version) and the 3 bandhas, then I ran through my week 1 class again. And by then I was starving , so I made a snack of cheese and crackers (I couldn’t wait until dinner!) and then I took a break to write this blog post, actually. And then I will go back and finish my practice, ending with a meditation – I think i’ll do the Loving Kindness Buddhist meditation today.

All in all today I’ll have done 70 minutes of yoga, and about 20 minutes of pranayam/meditation! No wonder i’m hungry (I actually had 2 breakfasts today – I had some baked strawberry/chocolate/coconut oatmeal I made the other day and then a few hours later I was starving so had a sausage breakfast wrap from the cafeteria!)

At lunch I did some review and readings on meditation and pranayama practice.


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