Day 137

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms ~ Zen Shin

We got our daily practice for the next week today. Our daily dinacharaya (routine for sel care) is to focus on oileation (oiling the body) and grounding. Our daily sadhana practice is to continue with the intermediate pranayama practices, and practice the 3 bandhas.

The meditation practice – we are asked to review all the main meditations in our binder – observation of natural breath, so hum, magnification of heart and Loving Kindness. I’ve practiced all of these regularly so I don’t need to review them but I will do them, a different one each day (today I did So Hum).

As for our asana practice, we are to review all the asanas from the different categories (standing, crouching, back bends, supine/inversion, seated), and practice the sanskrit names and get familiar with the benefits and contraindications. I’m going to type of a list of benefits based on body part like I did with the contraindications.

Then our Journaling and Reflection Time question for the week/day is: What did I learn about myself in the mid-term practicum? What are my strengths and areas for improvement as a yoga teacher in training?

Well I know I talk too fast so I need to concentrate on slowing down a bit. And mentioning the contraindications BEFORE people get into the pose not after – oh, and by the way, i know you’ve been doing this pose for the last minute, but if you have (insert issue here) it might not be good for you, sorry!). My strengths would be my verbal cues and I hope to be able to get better at it and more natural and able to add my own flavour to it. Also my sense of humour apparently! (said my feedback!)

I woke up at 5am this morning. 5am. So I could do yoga! Am I crazy? Maybe a little! (I did go to bed at 9pm though). I woke up at 5 and briefly thought about staying in bed all warm and comfy and sleeping some more, but then I thought, well I’ve already had a full 8 hours of sleep, I don’t want to oversleep! Waking up at 5am allowed me to do Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution Day 24 – a 47 minute practice on Patience. And then I got ready to go to work, and went to work (nothing exciting there).

The last hour of work I was really suffering with back aches and cramps so couldn’t wait to come home and do the rest of my yoga! I got home, let the dog out to do his business, then I got down to business and did Wanderlust Challenge Day 16 where we did  Hero’s Pose, Camel and Bow pose (I did a modified bow because I can’t do full Bow grabbing my feet). I also didn’t go into full Camel pose and grab onto my heels, because of my low back issue. After that I did my pranayama practice and my meditation, then I practiced my 30 minute restorative practice about focusing on the breath that I will teach in one week! And then I did my 10 minute So Hum meditation which felt like FOREVER because I was hungry and not really focused on meditation, but I TRIED, and that’s the important thing, right?!

By then it was 6pm and I was starving, so I made dinner (and ate it). And now I’m writing this blog and then I will start typing up my list of yoga pose benefits. And that’s all she wrote (for now!)…


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