Day 136

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite ~ William Blake

I forced myself to sleep in today (especially since I was awake about 3am after my dog woke me up to be let out, and then I was chatting with my husband on Facebook messenger, who is in the UK right now for awhile). So I got up at 20 to 8 and got started on my yoga practice – first doing Yoga With Adriene’s 36 minute Discipline Practice sequence followed by Wanderlust Challenge Day 15 where we did a sun salutation flow followed by side plank, warrior 3 and balancing half moon by then it was about 9:15 and I was starving so made a healthy breakfast of egg whites, spinach, feta, tomatoes and avocado pesto scramble. Then I decided I was going to put together a list of Yoga pose contraindications by body part, just to break it down in a way that I might remember what the contraindications are… So I broke it down by Knee Issues, Low Back Pain, Disc hernia/Sciatica etc.

I have to say I’m glad I don’t have to work today because I really needed a day to recharge after the hectic and long weekend! My body is tired (, specifically my legs – they aren’t sore, but the muscles just feel tired). I am so grateful I don’t work Mondays so I can recover from Yoga Teacher Training weekends! The next full weekend will have a Friday night lecture and is my small element groups turn to do tea time again!

Then…I had a video phone chat with my husband and said hi to his parents who I haven’t seen for years! Technology is so neat.

Then I wanted to run through the first class I’m going to teach as part of my 4 week series – that is a restorative, relaxing class focusing on the breath. I timed it out perfectly – i just hope I can do so during the actual class! I just have to take it slow and easy – it IS a restorative class after all! (before we get to the more challenging ones!)

Then I took a break and took the dog for a walk in the beautiful sunshine and relatively warm temperatures (8 degrees celcius). When I came back, I went back to my yoga room and did my pranayama practice and a 15 minute body scan meditation with my Calm App. Then I added the benefits to my class plan for each pose, because I’d only written down the contraindications. I’ll need to type them out though.

So I’ve done about an hour and a half of yoga today! My plan is to do YWA Revolution, Wanderlust challenge and practice my 1st week class of my 4 week series each day until my first class on Tuesday the 31st! (which is coming up very soon!).

It was brought to our attention this weekend that we only have another 3 or 4 in class sessions of yoga teacher training! Ahhhh!!! Kind of nerve wracking to think it’s going to be over in about a month and a half! 6 months goes by fast!


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