Day 135

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. ~ Swami Sivananda

I just inhaled a giant black forest cookie waiting for my bus home after today’s YTT. Guess I was hungrier than I thought! Not really the dinner of champions (or the dinner of a yogi! lol).

I have to say, i’m quite relieved that another weekend of Yoga Teacher Training is over because yesterday was quite intense with the practical exam evaluation! Thankfully today was a lot more relaxed, but for some reason I still didn’t sleep the best (possibly because my husband is away in the UK right now and I’m not used to having the bed to myself!) so I was awake at 1:30am last night and did Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution Day 22 a Gentle Practice for only 22 minutes (thankfully!). It was a nice way to unwind from yesterday (even though I did it in the middle of the night! then I went back to sleep).

This morning in class we started with a gentle yoga class and practiced pranayama (though I didn’t do the agni sar dhouti part of the practice). And then learned a bit about kids and seniors yoga and the teacher lead us through a fun 15 min kids yoga class before breaking for lunch. Then we learned anatomy in the afternoon – we went over the circulatory system, lymphatic system, urinary system and reproductive system. An interesting nugget of info we learned was that every 7 years you are literally a completely new person – all the cells etc in your body have renewed themselves – new brain cells, new blood, new bone cells etc – everything is renewed/refreshed so you are a new person! (which apparently is why there is the ‘7 year itch’ – when people feel they need a change in their life – or why people often change jobs/careers around 10 years! Interesting!

We all felt pretty tired at that point from all of yesterdays exertions and emotions. Then we had tea break and after that then we moved around a bit and did some gait analysis on each other and correcting postures looking at joints (we’ll do more another time too). At the end of the day we go our Teaching evaluations back and I’m happy to report I got 88%! whoo! much higher than I felt I got with how I felt I did (but then again I always underestimate myself).

My feedback included: the teacher loved all the options I gave for tree pose, i had great verbal instructions and a great sense of humour, also that I had good offering of variations for those with knee stuff sitting on the heels. She also liked how I asked so thoroughly about if people had any injuries in the beginning and that I said ‘i’m coming out of the pose but keep breathing’. The two slightly negative things were to speak a little slower (which I know!), and to mention the contraindications before going into the pose (which, DUH! lol). She also said I had great corrections. So overall I feel good and i’m looking forward to and excited to do my 4 week series in just over one week!

When I got home from class, and after digesting the giant cookie a little bit I did Wanderlust Challenge Day 14 where she went over Extended Hand to Big Toe Poses 1 & 2 (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana 1 & 2) and Plow pose (which I didn’t do because it’s not available to me at the moment and I don’t feel safe doing it without more practice, but I did the modification of legs up the wall.



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