Day 133

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction ~ Unknown

One of the girls didn’t show up last night for yoga practice – and thankfully! because we wouldn’t have enough room to fit everyone (yikes! I thought for sure there would have been enough room for 1 teacher and 4 students. But there was just 3 students which was JUST perfect. My dog was distracting – even when I barricaded him out of the living room (he brought through almost every toy to get our attention AND he managed to climb through the barrier I had erected so during part of one of the girls’ practices, I had to stop and hold onto him so he wouldn’t wander around and get in people’s faces while they were doing their routine. When there was a pause in the class for some discussion I got him back out of the living room and erected a stronger barrier he couldn’t get through, which was much better (but he was very vocal and whiny wanting to be a part of whatever we were doing!).

Only two of the 4 of us practiced our routines – and both of us ran over time by a few minutes! One of the girls went first, and then I wasn’t planning on doing my routine (because I already taught it to them weeks ago anyway when we were at the Community Centre), but the other two women who were there didn’t want to…so I did it again – and got some feedback (that I talk too fast which I know! not sure what to do about that?). Glad I was able to practice it last night though.  I’d hoped we’d have time to get through everyone’s but people showed up late, so we didn’t get started until after 7:30pm, and people wanted to leave not too late to get home.

I’m feeling fairly confident about my class tomorrow – and I’ve updated my class plan and highlighted the contraindications, modifications and benefits of each pose in different colours (red for contraindications, orange for modifications and green for benefits! traffic light colour coding!).

This morning, I woke up before my alarm went off at 5:30 (about 5 minutes before) and did YWA’s Revolution Day 20 Peace Practice . It was exactly what I needed after yesterday’s lots of yoga, just nice and slow and gentle and lots of focus on the breath.

After work today (and since I have the house to myself) I can practice my yoga any time without feeling guilty that I’m not spending enough time with my husband – which I usually feel and which is why I rush home from work and try to get it done as soon as I get in the door so then I have the rest of the evening to spend with him!

I’m going to get home, run through my class plan ONE MORE TIME (and hopefully I’ll be good with my time!), and do my breathing exercises again (and meditation!), and then end with Wanderlust day 12 where we’ll be doing Triangle, Revolving Triangle and Reclining Butterfly (or bound angle) pose. Edit: I was good with my time: just!

Then I’m going to have an easy and relaxing night, eat a light meal (I’m thinking eggs and toast) – and I’m going to bring my pesto pasta left overs to keep me going through tomorrow (and hopefully it won’t be too heavy!) – and some granola bars and other snacks (banana) for energy! It’ll be a long day of 7 back to back half hour yoga classes! (I’m so glad that I’m in the smaller group so our day of classes ends sooner than the other side and then we can just relax and unwind! (my group which will be in the smaller room, only has 7 people. The other group has 9 so they go right to the end of the day whereas we’ll finish early and can have ‘tea time’.

After both my practices after work I did a 10 minute meditation with a positive mantra to boost me up for tomorrow’s teaching! And i’m going to do some visualization tonight before I go to bed – some advice about manifestation and positivity a co-worker gave me today when I told them about my practical tomorrow. Doing my pranayama practice I skipped the ‘fire wash’ practice because I’m starting my…you know what…monthly woman thing. And you shouldn’t do that during the first 3 days of your cycle.


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