Day 130

Every act, every breath, and every step can be practice and can help us to become more ourselves ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

This morning I purposely woke up early (at 5:20am – a whole 40 minutes earlier than normal) so I could get both Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution Day 17 and Wanderlust Challenge day 9 done before going to work (which would leave me with just practicing my own class when I got home from work tonight.

YWA’s Revolution was Practice Stillness where she had us sit and observe our breath for a bit and then do Nadi Shodan/alternate nostril breathing, and later some half warriors which i’d never heard of but which I really enjoyed!  And then I did the 21 minute Wanderlust video where we did the sun salutation flow and then did Wide Legged Forward Fold and Head to Knee Pose and then Supine Big Toe Pose which is putting your leg up in the air and grabbing behind your leg (which is what I did) and drawing your leg down into your hip socket, or grabbing your big toe and pulling your leg down into your hip socket.

When I got home I ran upstairs and made some edits to my 30 minute class outline – we got the exam schedule for this Saturday – I’ll be teaching 3rd in my group of 7 – at 10:45 am! I’m so glad I’m fairly early on in the day and not near the end – I’d get more and more nervous as the day goes on just waiting to do it! We’re supposed to mention 1 to 2 contraindications before the pose, modifications while getting into the pose and benefits while holding the pose so I wrote those down on my class outline for each of my poses. And then I ran through my practice. I ended up finishing a few minutes short tonight and had 2 minutes to kill at the end so I ended up adding 1 legged wind releasing pose at the very end. Not sure why I ended up running short today! maybe I felt a bit rushed because I had to mention all the contraindications and modifications and benefits too.

After my practice, I did a short 5 minute natural breath meditation and the 4 purifications. I skipped the bandhas tonight cuz…I just didn’t feel up to it. And I thought I’ve done the 4 purifications….that kind of does the same thing. Sort of. Meh. I’m a bad yogi. Sort of. Meh.


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