Day 127

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings ~ Lao Tzu

The above quote is something that is good to remember. Things might be ‘bad’ for you right now, but that just may mean it will lead to new opportunities -for change and growth.( examples would be a relationship break up – yes it’s painful at first, because something has come to an end – but then you can move on and grow and learn and change from the experience onto bigger, better, brighter things – having grown ‘older and wiser’.

This morning I woke up at 6 (though I got lots of sleep because I went to bed at 8:30pm last night! for some reason I was really tired (and so was my husband then too but he said he had too much to do to go to sleep right then).

So I got up at 6, thankful that it was a ‘decent’ time to get up and do my yoga, because I woke up about 5 with an agonizing sore back again because of how I had been lying). So I was looking forward to getting moving to help ease my aches and pains!

I started with Day 6 of Wanderlust – where the 3 poses we did (after a sun salutation flow) was chair pose, high lunge (or crescent lunge) and pyramid pose. It was briefly interrupted by me knocking a heavy antique glass lamp off the bookcase beside me and right onto my left foot (which was bare obviously) which equalled lots of ouch! and I could tell there would be a bruise right away, and it hurt like a ***** for about a minute or so, but thankfully nothing seems sprained or broken or anything. I do have a small dark bruise on a single toe though (amazingly just one!) – on my toe that’s next to the big toe  (what’s that called?)

I followed that with Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution Day 14 – a Forgiveness Practice, which was nice and gentle and relaxing (for the most part – we did do standing splits which  I found challenging today – as well as more pyramid pose! strange how the 2 videos are synching up and doing the same stuff on the same day!

Then I did my intermediate pranayama practice (4 purifications), practiced the bandhas, and then went back to the Observation of the Natural Breath meditation for 10 minutes (covered with my yoga blanket to stay warm because it was a bit chilly). In between all this I stood and watched the sunrise for a few minutes on and off from my yoga room window (before my pranayama, after it, before the bandhas, after them, and then by the time I’d finished my meditation the sunrise had pretty much gone, and the sun risen (though still low in the sky of course). My whole practice this morning took an hour and 45 minutes – and then I spent a few minutes reading over the benefits and contraindications of all the poses I’ll be teaching next weekend in class as part of my Root To Rise class.

My plan of practicing my class sequence has gone out the window now because I’m going to go to a by donation (Karma) yoga class at a nearby studio (Unity Yoga and Tea House) – which is actually one of the studios recommended by the YTT program. All you need to do is bring a food donation for the food bank! Plus the class is taught by a new teacher so that will be interesting – seeing how a new teacher will teach the class since I will be a new teacher soon myself! I’m really looking forward to this!

For my Hogwart’s Running Club Hufflepuff Bendy Badger yoga post, I shared two things (one funny).

10 things you’ll do once you start yoga 

And  6 restorative postures anyone can do


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