Day 126

Shine like the whole universe is yours ~ Rumi

Well it seems like today was hip opening day in the yoga video world! That was the theme of today’s Wanderlust 21 day challenge- where we did tree (though for the life of me I couldn’t do fully grown tree (as I like to call it) with my foot on my inner thigh, pigeon and happy baby. I did that first thing this morning before I headed to work. Now I’ve heard that hip openers can release emotions – as one teacher said ‘there’s issues in your tissues’ and we store baggage and emotions energetically in our hips.

So I was wondering why I was getting emotional on my walk to work this morning at the time, and willing myself to stop crying because it was -5 degrees celcius and i didn’t want my tears to freeze on my cheeks or anything! Looking back on it later, though it totally makes sense!

And that was also the theme of Yoga With Adriene’s video today too – Day 13 of Yoga Revolution to Practice Opening. Where we (there’s that ‘we’ again!), I should say I. Where I did pigeon and hip circles with the knee in down dog (and in tabletop) and started the practice in reclined cobblers pose. We also did some happy baby again. I found today that I felt that Downward Facing Dog was actually a resting pose and I felt like  I could be in the pose forever – it was such a great feeling – stretching out my legs and calves and just resting into the pose.

After the video, I did my new intermediate pranayama practice which i’m really loving, flowing from one practice or exercise right into the next with no breaks. And then I went through the Bandhas again – I had a bit of trouble with the navel lock, Uddiyana bandha, just how I usually have issues with Agni Sar Dhouti, as they’re quite similar.

The meditation practice I did today was Magnification of the Heart. But I had a lot of trouble focusing on my heart (visualizing a light in my chest, with my right hand over my left hand resting on my sternum). My thoughts drifted away from my heart-light a lot and back to things that happened during my day at work. But that’s the point of meditation – to recognize when you’re having thoughts and then bring your mind back to focusing on the breath. It’s a never ending cycle. That’s why it’s called a meditation (or yoga as well) PRACTICE – it’s a lifelong journey, a life long experience.

Tomorrow my yoga goals are: do tomorrow’s Wanderlust and YWA Revolution challenges, and also practice my 30 minute class plan practice I’m going to be teaching next weekend! My plan is to practice my own plan every day til next Saturday!

I’m really excited to have my last community yoga class coming up on Sunday morning. And then I’ll have all 15 classes ‘out of the way’ (I’m so grateful for the Yoga Expo back at the beginning of October because that gave me almost half my classes I needed already!).

Today I finally finished reading (before I had to return it!) Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living book about mindfulness. I really enjoyed it and recommend it if you’re wanting to get into / learn more about mindfulness and how it can help you. I also did this week’s yoga teacher training homework – reading the section of our binder on business. I did most of the exercises (except for part of one exercise to imagine what your 12 month goal will be).




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