Day 125

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream ~ C S Lewis

This morning I did Day 4 of the Wanderlust 21 day yoga challenge where we (or I guess I! that’s what i’m going to struggle with for a bit with teaching – stopping saying ‘our’ and ‘we’ when instructing students to do the poses!) did a sun salutation flow, which included ‘new’ poses – knees, chest, chin, cobra, and bridge (which she called something totally different ( in English) that I’d never heard it called before!

After work I rushed home (mindfully leaving work – after reading in ‘Full Catastrophe Living’ about Stress at Work), to squeeze in the rest of my daily yoga practice before my husband got home.

I did YWA Revolution Yoga 30 minute ‘In Sync‘ practice (as in in sync with your breath!), followed by the ‘new’ intermediate pranayama practice – doing all 4 purifications (3 rounds) without a break in between practices, then practiced the 3 bandhas/locks, and then for my choice of 10 minute meditation, I did the ‘so hum’ mantra meditation (if you remember ‘so hum’ means I am that – ‘that’ being eternal. By then my husband had been home already for 5 minutes.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so got up at 1am (which I read today in Full Catastrophe Living , that it’s okay to get up if you can’t sleep and do something productive for a bit), and worked on my yoga poster assignment for an hour, that is due at the next in class weekend in a week (Jan 21st). I put together my poster (with an awesome logo design if I may say so!), my title page, and my ‘flyers’/brochures I’ve made up to hand out to people  after each of my 4 week series – the theme of which is ‘the moving principles of yoga’ based on Donna Farhi’s 7 moving principles of yoga (breathe, yield, support, align, radiate, centre, engage).

I’ve really enjoyed this whole assignment of making up the 4 week class plans and the poster (and my bonus flyers to hand out as ‘takeaways’ to the students who attend my class!).


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