Day 124

Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers ~ Unknown

This morning I managed to do Yoga With Adriene’s Day 11 Revolution video, an Alignment practice. I didn’t have time to do any other yoga before going to work. When I got home I did the last of Bad Yogi’s I Am Challenge – I Am Complete. It was a good full body flow.

Then I did this week’s class assignment practices with pranayama and meditation.

The pranayama exercise’s we’re supposed to practice for the next week are:

  1. an intermediate 4 purifications practice – doing all 4 purification exercises one after the other without any breaks in between – and doing 3 to 5 rounds of all of them. It was challenging but I enjoyed it.
  2. the 2nd daily exercise we’re to do is practice all the bandhas – the 3 different ‘locks’ to help move pranic energy – the mula bandha, the jalandhara bandha and the uddiyana banda – which I really enjoyed  – getting used to them and comfortable with them. We are only holding each lock for 3 to 5 seconds, which is very safe to do (a beginner level) – more advanced people would hold them for longer but we’re just starting out here and getting comfortable so no need to hold them for longer than a very short time.

Next we have to choose one of 3 different meditations to practice daily for 10 minutes to get used to them, and comfortable with them as they will be the meditations we are going to be teaching to students in our four week series of classes. They are:

Observation of Natural Breath

So Hum meditation

Magnification of the Heart

Today I just did natural breath for 10 minutes using my Calm app to time me. I found my thoughts were wandering  a lot but that’s okay.

Later tonight just before bed i’m doing to do day 3 of the Wanderlust 21 day challenge!

The last few days i’ve been wondering if i’m doing ‘too’ much with all these yoga challenge videos all at once. But I’ve decided to mainly stick with YWA, and the Bad Yogi challenge is now done. I also want to stick with the Wanderlust one because it seems like it’s a really really great beginner/foundational series that really breaks down alignment and how to body works with the breath. Besides those videos are only about 15 minutes each day (after all the talking before and at the end).



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