Day 122

Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction ~ Rumi

I went to bed late last night (late for me – 11am), and slept in a little bit, getting up at 7:40 (I was trying to sleep in to get up at the same time as my husband – at 8:10 but I couldn’t do it!). So I got up and did Yoga With Adriene’s Day 9 of her yoga Revolution – an Empower Practice, a nice strengthening flow (but not TOO strengthening which is great after my weekend of yoga/learning – even though she threw in a crow practice!).

At some point on Saturday I ended up with a huge bruise on my shin! not sure what I did during YTT training!

Today is the best! I’m actually feeling a little giddy. (side note:  I’m so grateful/thankful that my new job gives me Monday’s off (especially after my yoga teacher training weekends! to give me a chance to unwind from the ‘intensive’). I got to sleep in and I don’t have to work today – and I have the house to myself because my husband had to work today! whoo! my plan today is: take the dog for a walk now that it’s warmed up a bit and most of the ice has melted from the sidewalks (and a lot of the snow on the grass!), read more of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living before I have to return it to the library in a week, do Day 1 of the 21 Day Wanderlust Yoga challenge a go – where the teacher does 3 poses a day, and eventually joins them together in a vinyasa flow. Day 1 was about getting started, finding that foundational alignment, and the 3 poses were mountain pose (tadasana), upward reaching pose (urdhva hastasana), and downward facing dog. She used blocks between the thigh to help find good alignment and engagement in the body in tadasana. Each video of the 21 day series is only 20 minutes and by the end of the 3 weeks, we’ll have learned 60 poses and to put together a daily practice – sounds awesome to me – something to add to my daily practice toolbag – maybe a ‘go to’ routine.

Later tonight I’m heading to a Beginner Iyengar yoga class at a local community centre with some of my fellow Yoga Teacher Training friends – because it’s a free trial class and I’ve never done Iyengar style yoga before (it focuses on proper alignment with the use of props) – and it’ll be one of my 15 community classes – leaving me with just 1 more to go after this (score!). I’ll write more on that later after I’ve done the class.

After I took my dog for a great walk in the comparatively summer like weather (warm sun and 4 degrees Celsius which felt positively balmy after the minus temps we’ve been having lately – even -5 and 6 during the day!) I came home and finished off my daily Sadhana practice with meditation (a 10 minute body scan with the support of my Calm app) and my pranayama practice – all of the 4 purifications (I have to practice daily in order to embody the practice to be able to share and teach it confidently to others!), Along with ujjayi, brahmari and long inhale and exhale (which we did as part of yesterday’s practice in class).

In the afternoon I did day 6 of Bad Yogi’s I Am Challenge – which is I Am Optimistic, which was a meditation practice for about 5 or so minutes. Then I did Day 7 which was I Am Capable which included an arm balance i’ve never done – shoulder press pose. The video was only about 10 minutes if that. I didn’t end up being able to do it but I’m okay with that! I also did Day 8 – I Am Loved – full of heart opening poses (bridges, cat cow, cobra, and wheel (if it’s in your practice – it isn’t in mine!). And now I’m caught up in this 10 day challenge!

Now I’m ticking the last thing off my list and reading my mindfulness book!



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