Day 121

Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile ~ Unknown

Today I finished another long (and tiring!) Yoga teacher training weekend! Learned a lot over the whole weekend.

Today we did a short yoga class and warm ups, then did pranayama practice, and did an intermediate pranayama practice of the 4 purifications, one after the other for 2 rounds (5 alternate nostril breathing then 30-50 Kapala bhati, 1 round of agni sar dhouthi and 1 round of Ashwini mudra (about 20), then repeated the whole thing again.

We did a couple different mantras after our pranayama practice. A Vedic healing mantra which is used for healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

And then we did the Food Prayer before lunch – to remind us that everything is from the same source and returns to the source in the end.

We learned about the 3 bandhas (which means lock or seal) and practiced them.

The 3 bandhas are:

Mula bandha – root lock

Uddiyana banda – navel lock

Jalandhara bandha – throat lock

These locks in the body help direct pranic energy (life force energy) – they are located, well it’s self explanatory really! (The root lock is at the pelvic floor).

Then we learned a bit about Sanskrit and then did some pranayama teaching practice to each other.

We talked about the importance of what we say as yoga teachers – being in positions of ‘authority’, the words we use have an effect on people. We also talked about a book (and showed us it) called the Hidden Messages in Water by professor Emoto. It showed pictures of water crystals when talked to positively, they formed beautiful snow flake shapes when the water froze. When the water was spoken to negatively, crystals wouldn’t even form! Which demonstrates the importance of the power of our words and how everything in nature and the universe is connected. One of the teachers said that human beings are the only things on the planet that can have an effect on everything else on the planet.It was fascinating! That ties in with what was discussed yesterday about the positive mind and positive thoughts and how damaging negative thoughts (and words) are.

Then the rest of the day was spent discussing the business of yoga and having us think about what our vision/goal is with teaching yoga, what our values are, and how to present yourself professionally as a yoga teacher. We also discussed the next assignment of making a poster for our 4 week series to hand in along with our 4 week class plan – which is due in 2 weeks.

On the 21st, we’ll do our first teaching practicum, taking turns teaching each other a 30 minute Asana sequence and be evaluated by our peers (other students) and an evaluator and the college teachers. I will be nervous as I’m sure lots of people will be!

But I am feeling Confident in my teaching due to my daily Sadhana practice. As I’ve said before I love it all – the pranayama, the meditation the yoga…

Today I did YWA day 8 of her Revolution before I went to YTT this morning. It was a nice restorative practice called Serenity . Just what I needed before today’s long day!


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