Day 120


Avoiding failure is to avoid progress ~ Unknown

This was the sunrise on my walk to go to my first day back  at yoga teacher training for the new year!  (Well, there was also last night’s lecture on ayurveda and spices and the 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha – different constitutions that make up everyone in varying amounts) where the class made a spice blend together with a mortar and pestle – a tri-doshic spice blend – good for all 3 doshas (constitutions) – a blend of fennel, coriander seed, tumeric, sesame seeds, pink himalyan salt, black pepper corns – it smelled fantastic! Looking forward to using it on…everything!)

Today in class we ended up doing 2 hours of holistic yoga! 30 minutes of asana after warm ups and meditation and pranayama practice! We did an 11 minute meditation to help cultivate a positive mind (there are 3 types of mind: positive, negative and neutral and the negative mind is the most common, and the positive mind is hard to cultivate!). We did a new mudra, holding our hands up, our elbows close to our sides and our index and middle finger together and the thumb holding the other 2 fingers down – kind of as if you were doing the ‘Peace’ sign but with your 2 fingers together, not apart in a V. We had to hold our hands in this mudra while we chanted a chant that would help shift our mind to be more positive about ourselves and others: which was Sa Ta Na Ma. Which represents from birth to death. We chanted that out loud, then whispered it, then said it internally. Pretty much the whole time, my left hand was cramping very badly while holding the mudra so I had to loosen my hold on my fingers slightly, though that didn’t ease the pain much, which was kind of frustrating. So I was very relieved when that meditation was done and my hand stopped cramping (the fleshy part of the palm under the thumb).

After meditation and yoga, we discussed a bit about becoming a yoga teacher – why we want to be a yoga teacher, and also got us thinking about how we’re going to teach our 4 week series coming up in February – and about our assignments of poster and 4 week class plan due our next in-class weekend (the 21st/22nd)

We went over our 2 exams so far – our anatomy midterm and general yoga midterm (I got 91% on anatomy and 97% on the yoga midterm!).

In the afternoon we did a little bit of small group teaching practice – teaching a little bit of what we’re going to teach for our 30 minute class next in-class weekend to each other ( I was told by one of the teachers that observed bits of ours that I had some good verbal cues!).

Since I only ended up doing 10 minutes of YWA’s Revolution video yesterday, I finished off the other 25 minutes when I got home from YTT class tonight (crazy right?!). I want to stay on top of the Yoga Revolution! so I plan on doing today’s 30 minute video, a Stability Practice before I go to bed tonight!

Today’s Hogwart’s Running Club Hufflepuff Bendy Badger yoga post was a 15 minute Easy Yoga Routine. Check it out!


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