Day 118

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today ~ Will Rogers

Did I mention I didn’t end up doing my pranayama the other night? (yesterday) I ended up reading in bed for awhile, then felt too tired (and warm) to sit up and do my breathing exercises – and then I attempted to do my meditation lying down in bed (bad idea! I’m 99.9% sure I fell asleep before I finished!).

I began my morning this morning by doing Bad Yogi’s day 3 video of the ‘I Am’ mantra challenge – I am Confident. It was a nice way to start my day  – especially since I was a bit anxious for a meeting at work this morning in my new job (which went well, nothing to worry about). The video was only about 11 minutes so it didn’t make me late for work this time!

When I got home from work I started my second bout of yoga with Sarah Beth Yoga’s Day 5 – a nice Detox routine for 15 minutes. Lots of nice twists. My upper spine had a nice loud pop which was a nice release when I did a prayer twist to the left side in a low lunge.

Then I did Day 5 of Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution – the theme of which is Practice Rhythm. It was a nice half hour routine allowing us to find our own rhythm in our practice like with what she calls a ‘drunken cat cow’ to loosen up and move your body how you feel best today – as you will know (or learn) every day is different in your practice.

After an early dinner (a healthy dinner of salmon, veggies and rice, trying to get back into a New Year’s ‘resolution’ of healthy eating again after the holidays!), I tended to the spiritual side of my practice – my breathing (as I said to my husband yesterday – I have to practice breathing now! ha!), which I did all of today, and then the gayatri mantra, and a 5 minute body scan meditation (where I felt pretty at ease). Then I caught up with 3 missed days of meditation on my Simple Habit app – probably about 10 minutes of actual meditation time in total.

The first meditation was about Gratitude which I really enjoyed. Looking at what you are grateful for, even something small, and to be grateful even for the ‘small’ act of breathing, and being grateful for basically being alive and breathing, which I thought was a great reminder!

The second and third ones dealt with things I don’t like dealing with or trying to face (which i’m sure most of us don’t) – which was Working with Regrets, and Forgiveness. I’m not good at facing regrets and looking at events in my life with people that I should forgive (though that is easier than examining regrets!)



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