Day 117

At any moment you have a choice that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

This morning I did 25 minutes of yoga. And nearly ended up being late for work because of it!

I started with Bad Yogi’s AMAZING ‘I am Free’ video, day 2 of her I Am challenge. I really loved the freedom of the sequence, and it was really relaxing. It’s exactly what my body feels like doing to wake itself up – organic movement, doing what you ‘feel’ like – to an extent, and to find freedom within the pose, within the form.

Then I followed that video with the 15 minute Strength video by Sarah Beth Yoga – which was a challenging fast paced routine which started nice with lots of forward folds (yay!), and then got fast with high lunge and warrior threes. But then it relaxed again at the end with some reverse pigeon and happy baby.

Then I rushed off to work. When I got home I wanted to do my YWA Revolution Day 4, but my husband had piled a bunch of boxes and stuff for our Christmas decorations in my yoga room (and spilling over onto my mat!), and he wanted to get a laundry on first too while the laundry room was empty.

So I didn’t start my yoga until about 6:30pm or so, and did YWA Revolution Day 4 all about Prana, or energy. I really enjoyed the half hour practice, because it was mostly all ground work, which I felt like after work today, and after doing all the chores. It had some nice breathing work in it too, but a super tough knee/hip circle thing that I powered through but hated every second of!

By the time I did some alternate nostril breathing (I didn’t feel like doing all my pranayama practice tonight because it was getting late and I was starving – I was hungry when I got home!), then I did a 5 minute body scan meditation, where I could feel my body pulsing with prana/energy (very apt! after YWA’s video!), and followed that with my gayatri mantra (which I haven’t been doing ‘properly’ lately – as in sitting down on my meditation cushion and doing it- instead i’ve been doing it when I’ve been doing other stuff (like the dishes!). I’m a bad yogi, I know… so anyway, I took the time to properly do it in the sacred space of my yoga room (that has a small pile of my husband’s old childhood toys tossed in the corner right now that we found the other day – not very yogic! until he finds somewhere else to put them).

By the time I finished everything it was 6:40pm and time to get the laundry out! so by the time I was actually able to sit down and eat something it was about 7pm!



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