Day 114

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step ~ Lao-tzu

That’s the quote that begins my 2017 Quick Fix Yoga desk calendar I got for Christmas. And it’s an apt quote to start a new year. You start a new year fresh, a new journey. And you start everything where you are, and move forward from there. That’s the only way to do something. Move forward.

Today I slept in this morning and got up just before 8am! I meant to say I forgot to do my chanting meditation yesterday at my dad’s house in the dark. But I did it today while doing the dishes from last night’s new year’s dinner! Not sure how appropriate it is to do a meditative chant while doing dishes, but I’ve read that you can use doing the dishes as an opportunity to be mindful…So this is kind of like that, right?

I started my practice with my now standard breathing practices, and then I did Day 1 of Sarah Beth Yoga’s 30 Day yoga challenge – day 1 being called Commitment. A short 12 minute practice to help with bloating (if you’ve eaten too much over New Years!)

Yoga With Adriene’s new New Year yoga challenge, her 31 day Yoga Revolution. I did Day 1 Practice Ease, a nice gentle start to the 31 day journey, with some nice stretches at the beginning (neck stretches and side stretches).

Tomorrow Bad Yogi starts her 7 day challenge and then on the 9th Journey Junkie starts her 7 day yoga bootcamp. So this month will be a whole lot of daily yoga! Yay!


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