Day 112

Wherever you go, go with all your heart ~ Confucius

Yesterday when I was travelling to Vancouver Island to visit my dad, when I got off the ferry, I saw posters advertising giving the ‘gift of travel’ (by giving a gift certificate for BC Ferries).

It made me stop and think. Travel really IS a gift, that is not available to everyone. So even though I’ve traveled in the ferries hundredsof times over the years to visit my family, I’ve never thought of it as something special. In fact I usually find the hour and 35 minute trip long and boring and tiring. But instead I should really be looking at it as a gift. A gift that allows me to visit family and see somewhere new (other than my neighborhood etc). Change of scenery.

It’s interesting how a change of perspective can make the ordinary everyday a bit more special!

Today is my 2nd last day of daily yoga for the year! I’m visiting my dad today as I said yesterday, so my routine has changed a bit, since my dad gets up way earlier than my husband. He was actually up before me at about 6:30!

I got up at 6:45 and did a 35 minute Yoga with Adriene video in my bedroom folding up the 2nd duvet from my bed as a makeshift yoga mat. The  video was the first of her 30 days of yoga challenge from last year all about Easing Into It. It was great. The perfect length of practice for me today and nice and gentle and slow.

Before breakfast I managed to squeeze in my meditation. Hopefully later I’ll do my breathing practices too



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