Day 111

Today is the only  day you have. Today is your day. You have a million opportunities, it’s all in your hands ~ Me

Today I did a 42 minute Hatha yoga video by Yoga Yak that was filmed a few years ago. And funnily enough it was filmed at a local park here! What a coincidence! It was a nice well rounded flow with a variety of postures.

I decided to head to visit my dad for a day and a bit in a very spur of the moment thing. Just this morning! So threw some clothes in a backpack and got a few buses and trains to the ferry terminal to go to Vancouver Island. I’ll only be staying a day and a half so I can be home in time to spend NYE with Michael! We got a turkey breast for new year’s.

So this will be a short visit but it’s the only time I can guarantee to see my dad before he goes for heart surgery to get his pacemaker replaced. And you never know what will happen so…And I don’t want any regrets.

He is planning on coming over to visit friends (and us) next weekend. But another big dump of snow is forecast for that weekend! And even if the snow isn’t bad, I’ll have Yoga Teacher Training class all weekend so would only be able to see him for a couple of hours on Saturday night!

If he still comes over next weekend, that will be a bonus couple of hours!

I did a quick meditation and alternate nostril breathing before I left to catch the bus (a very slippery walk to the train!)





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