Day 110

Experience is the simply name we give our mistakes ~ Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde. I love him. He was such a perceptive and wise person. Such a shame about how he was treated just because of who he was – a human being. Hopefully we can learn from our mistakes in how we have treated people in the past and learn from those experiences and become better people. I’m not sure if that is possible for the entire human race, but one can hope! Maybe 2017 can be that year?

I woke today at 7am, my alarm going off to get my husband out of bed and ready for work (he has to go to work today but I don’t! insert happy dance here).

I had originally thought of going out and heading downtown to do some yoga today at a yoga by donation studio called Karma Teachers. But, it’s grey and rainy and cold…and I don’t HAVE to do that when I can do yoga at home in the comfort and warmth of my house (and save bus money!). I’d wanted to do it because I only have 2 more community classes to attend and report on for my Yoga Teacher Training program assignment of having to attend 15 classes throughout the program and evaluate the teachers using a evaluation form.

I’m planning on taking a free (yes, Free!) trial Iyengar for Beginners yoga class on January 9th at one of the local rec centres here, and then another Yoga Flow class at another place, and those classes start up on January 15th. I am debating trying a hot yoga class because I never have before…but it kind of scares me. So I might not. But what is that famous quote? Do one thing every day that scares you? hmmm. Maybe I should take that advice!

So I woke up this morning just before 7am in absolute agony with my low back (which happens sometimes depending on how I’ve been lying while asleep – usually twisted!). So I did 2 yoga for low back pain videos (after doing my pranayama practice first). The first video was a 30 minute Yoga for Back Pain video by YogaTX (as in Texas). I’ve done a few YogaTX videos in the past and they’ve been fairly good. And this one was good too. But I felt half an hour wasn’t long enough to help stretch and work out the kinks in my low back, so then I did a Yoga With Adriene video for Lower Back Pain (which I’ve done a few times before, usually when I’ve woken with low back pain!), which was only about 14 minutes and was a great follow up/continuation.

After the 45 minutes of low back pain easing yoga, I did my meditation (a body scan meditation, after doing another Simple Habit 5 minute (more like 4 minute!) meditation). I really enjoyed the 5 minute body scan I did. I felt great and really relaxed afterwards and was really able to focus on the breath as I focused on each part of my body (which is where I noticed my  hip didn’t hurt. I was amazed that my right hip, which usually feels tight/uncomfortable when sitting in cross legged (easy) pose, did not hurt AT ALL. It was perfectly fine and didn’t feel pinchy).

Later in the day (the afternoon) I did a 1 hour beginner yoga video from Sean Vigue. I like his style. Like I mentioned before it’s nice getting a man’s perspective on yoga.I like how he usually comments about adjusting his hair and clothes/hat or whatever. Makes me smile.

Today is day 362 of daily yoga for me! I started my yoga ‘streak’ on January 1st this year, and in a few more days I’ll have been doing yoga daily for an entire year! Some days it was just 5 minutes or so, but as long as I did at least a few yoga poses (e.g. sun salutations), I did yoga for that day. It didn’t mean I’d have to do an hour of yoga to make it ‘count’.

A person I know on Facebook, when I mentioned I was at day 360 of daily yoga they asked me what I would do to reward myself for a year of daily yoga. and I hadn’t actually even thought of that. I hadn’t thought of rewarding myself for a year of daily yoga. And so I replied, I think just doing the daily yoga is reward in itself! (a very yogic thing to say if I may say so!).And then I was thinking, is there any way I should reward myself for a year of yoga? Some sort of material thing? like a favourite meal or a new item of clothes or something like that? I’m not sure…or if just the practice itself is the reward. Food for thought. What are your thoughts about rewarding yourself for something like working out daily for a long period (say a running streak or whatever)?



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