Day 109

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

I woke at 7am this morning and got up to do my daily yoga practice. I put together a somewhat random assortment of poses for a 30 minute routine, starting with standing poses, then crouching then back bends and seated to supine (lying down) and inversions.

I was lying in bed as I woke this morning thinking and really wanting to start my yoga with some forward folds to wake up my body. So I did that.

I did a couple (about 3) forward folds, and stretching my arms above my head when I got to standing, then I did some low lunges to stretch out my hips, and did a couple of cat cows in between both sides of the lunge, then went back to standing and did side angle and reverse warrior, spinal twist, standing half moon and wide legged forward fold down to the crouching poses with a squat, then thunderbolt, down dog and cobra into child’s pose and then locust, followed by crocodile into another child’s pose with a lateral side stretch (reaching my hands to both sides of my mat for a side body stretch). Then moved to seated poses where I felt compelled to do bound angle, 1/2 twist (lord of the fishes), and seated wide angle (with a forward fold), and finally moving into wind releasing (Pavan Muktasana), and revolved belly with both knees (a gentle spinal twist) and ending with Happy Baby.

So my practice looked like this:

Forward Fold x3 (or 4)

Low Lunge (one side)

Cat Cow

Low Lunge (other side)

Mountain to Side Angle and Reverse Warrior (both sides)

Spinal twist

Standing half moon

Wide legged forward fold

Garland Pose (squat)


Down dog

Cobra  to Child’s pose


Crocodile to extended child’s pose with a lateral side stretch

Bound angle

1/2 twist (lord of the fishes)

Seated wide angle (with a forward fold)

Wind releasing

Revolved belly (both knees)

Happy Baby

And I ended with a nice long (5 minute) shavasana – that seemed to pass in an instant!

Then I followed my practice with my breathing exercises (I didn’t feel like doing them all at first, and I was only going to do Alternate Nostril Breathing, but then I thought, I have the time, no one else is up yet, I don’t have anything else to do and this is for my benefit!) so I took my time and did all the pranayama exercises (the 4 purifications and ujjayi, brahmari, and long inhale/exhale).

Then I moved into the meditation portion of my practice where I chanted the Gayatri mantra 5 times, and then did another of the ‘5 minute’ meditations from Simple Habit (i’m still not sure about it!), and then a 15 minute Guided Body Scan meditation (since that’s the meditation we’re supposed to do over the holidays but I didn’t feel like I wanted to do it under my own steam, instead I wanted to be guided/lead through doing it so I used my Calm app, and did 15 minutes instead of my usual 10).

By then it was 8:40am so I went back up to bed and crawled under the covers for another 20 minutes and got up at 9am with the sun streaming through the bedroom blinds – it’s a beautiful day and I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything (for the next few days!).

Later in the morning I did the latest Bad Yogi video, a Forward Fold Flow. It was just about 12 minutes. I LOVE forward folds! They’re my favourite poses, so even though I’d done my practice today I had to do this video too!


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