Day 107

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful ~ Norman Vincent Peale

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and decided to get up to do some restorative yoga, my pranayama, meditation and some chanting.

Since it’s ‘that time of the month’ for me, I wanted to do some gentle yoga to make me feel better (sorry if that’s too much information but it’s what half the world’s population goes through on a monthly basis for the majority of their lives, so deal with it!).

I started with a 34 minute Yoga for Cramps and PMS video by Yoga With Adriene, which I’ve done a few times before – it’s great! She uses lots and lots of pillows for supported postures. But I still wanted a bit more so I did Sarah Beth Yoga’s 15 minute yoga for during your period, both videos where exactly what I needed! So that was 50 minutes of yoga at 3:30 in the morning.

Then I did all my pranayama exercises (except the fire wash one which isn’t recommended during the first 3 days of your period – plus it’s my least favourite so I was happy to skip it!). I had trouble with my alternate nostril breathing as my left nostril was quite plugged so I could barely inhale in through that side which was a bit annoying. Then I did a 5 minute meditation (which was really more like only 3) from a new Free/Pay meditation app I downloaded yesterday called Simple Habit which has some free meditation things but most are pay if you subscribe to the service for a monthly fee. But I’m giving the 7 day ‘starter’ thing  a try. It was okay. Each are only about 5 minutes, but by the time the lady talking got started with the actual meditation, it ended up only being about 3 minutes. So then I did a 10 minute body scan guided meditation with my Calm app, and ended my whole experience by about 5:30 with a hindu chant, that we are supposed to do this week as part of our daily sadhana.

The chant I did was the Gayatri chant, 5 times and according to a webpage about it”Gayatri Mantra” might be translated as “a prayer of praise that awakens the vital energies and gives liberation and deliverance from ignorance”.

The shorter form of the Gayatri is practiced far more commonly:


Which translates to:

We meditate on the glory of the Creator;
Who has created the Universe;
Who is worthy of Worship;
Who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;
Who is the remover of Sin and Ignorance;
May He open our hearts and enlighten our Intellect.

On this day, Christmas day, may we all pause and reflect in mindfulness about what the universe has given us and be thankful and grateful – like Ebenezer Scrooge is at the end of Charle’s Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and may we all keep Christmas in our hearts, not just today and over the Christmas holidays but all year round.

Namaste and Merry Christmas to you all (and to all a good night!)



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