Day 104

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

The last few days when I’ve woken up, I’ve done a series of warm ups that I’ve learned through Yoga Teacher Training, just to warm up and wake up my body – even if I don’t end up doing any actual yoga before I go to work. I love just going through each part of my body – neck, shoulders, hips, knees, spine, legs, hands and feet and waking them up, getting the joints all oiled and ready for the day!

Today I did my yoga after work – and my boss was nice enough to let me go home a bit early today, so I got home with plenty of time to do my practice before my husband gets home! I used my Insight Timer app and found apparently, a music track that was supposed to play for 61 minutes, but for some reason seemed to cut off about half way through, when I wasn’t even finished my practice! So much for timing my routine, which is what I’m planning to teach for 3 week of my yoga series to a few work colleagues/co-workers. the theme for this week is Centre – or alignment of the spine.

I started with 2 pranayama excercises – alternate nostril breathing – to continue on from the ‘week before’ where I would be introducing them to alternate nostril breathing, and brahmari, or bee humming breath. Then I moved onto warm ups: neck  side stretch, knee circles, hip circles, shoulder circles forward and back, leg massage

And then I got down to the nitty gritty  – the actual asana portion which today was:

  1. Warrior 1 –Virabhadrasana 1 to Kati Chakrasana – Standing Spinal Twist to Warrior 1
  2. Chair Pose
  3. Trikonasana -Triangle to Prasaritta Padottanasana -Standing Wide Legged Forward Fold (and repeat other side)
  4. Garudasana – Eagle pose (both sides)
  5. Uttanasana – Forward Fold

(transition Plank to floor to table top)

  1. Downdog and push forward to plank (or on knees) then back to Downdog to plank
  2. Lower knees to floor to Cobra (Bhujangasana)
  3. Balasana – Child’s Pose
  4. Balancing Cat – 1 side
  5. Uttitha Balasana – Extended Child’s Pose
  6. Balancing cat other side
  7. Vajrasana – Thunderbolt to seated
  8. Marichi twist 1
  9. Setu Bandhasana – Bridge pose
  10. 1 leg wind releasing

Shavasana: 5 minutes (walking through feeling the support of whole body on the mat). Again i used my Insight Timer to time 5 minutes, and it was supposed to end with a bell. I either didn’t hear the bell or it didn’t work because the next thing I knew it said ‘completed’.

I ended with an awesome and really relaxing body scan meditation – or ‘sensing the sensations in the body’ which is the meditation we are to be practicing this week.

On another tangent altogether, I picked up a Thich Nhat Hanh book, Peace Is Every Step. I’ve been really into mindfulness lately and have loved the TNH quotes I’ve come across so far so wanted to read more of his Buddhist monk wisdom.

Now I’m going to be doing some review of our YTT manual – reading chapter 4 on meditation – foundations, yoga philosophy on meditation, guidelines for practice, meditation techniques, and some mantras.


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