Day 103

Be your own light ~ Buddha

Today I woke up at 5:30 because I was going to leave to get my passport renewed downtown and get there when they open at 7:30am. But it’s all black-icey outside. And also I found a closer location that opens at 8:30 and is just a short 6 minute drive from my house!

So instead I took the time to do my yoga practice, starting with all my pranayama exercises. And then I did a full body warm up – starting from the head down – neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arm stretches, side stretches, wrist and ankle rotations, leg cradles (a hip opener), and leg massage.

Then I did a 30 minute routine I came up with – a sun salutation flow where I threw in cat cow, childs pose and warrior 1 and triangle, and dynamic tadasana (palm tree) poses before getting to the ground and doing some seated poses like seated wide legged forward fold and head to knee pose. Then I did a Marichi 3 twist before going into the supine poses of 1 leg wind releasing and revolved belly twist and fish pose.

Then I did this week’s daily meditation where I chanted a Sanskrit mantra 5 times which translates into:

Om let us contemplate on the wondrous spirit of the Divine, creator of the earth, heaven and infinite space. May our minds be inspired by the light of that Supreme Self and filled with divine qualities.

And I ended with a body scan meditation – where I did it by myself and not using a guided body scan meditation app! I went through my whole body after connecting with the breath first, noticing the natural inhale and exhale. And then starting from the soles of the feet, I slowly and mindfully moved by attention up through my entire body to the crown of my head, noticing any sensations (hot, cold, itching, tingling, lightness and heaviness etc) and then when I got to the top of my body, I scanned all the way back to the feet and then back up to the top of the head again.

And now it’s only 7am, so I’m going to eat something and do some reading and then go back to bed for awhile! (I took today off work )


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