Day 99

A good way to stop all the doing is to shift into the ‘being mode’ for a moment. Think of yourself as an eternal witness, as timeless ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

I’m reading Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. A book on meditation, and mindfulness and being aware of your life being in the present moment. It’s a great reminder to…be in the present. To be present to all the moments of your life – be fully awake to your life.

This morning I woke up late (for me) at 7:45 and did a 30 minute morning yoga video which at first I wasn’t sure about but ended up really enjoying it. It was a nice gentle stretch and morning wake up. Then I did my pranayama routine. And by then it was close to 9am and I was STARVING (I usually am after yoga first thing in the morning! I almost thought about skipping my pranayama exercises and eat breakfast first, and then do it later). But I knew that later might not happen and it wouldn’t take too long anyway, so I did it  anyway and then went to eat. It’s better to do on an empty stomach anyway.

I did my ten minute meditation later in the day (in the evening actually), while my husband was doing some cleaning in preparation of us to finally decorate the house for Christmas! (it is the 17th of December today – better late than never, right?).

Tomorrow is the make up day of the day that was cancelled last weekend due to the snow — though it’s supposed to snow again tomorrow! Thought we’re only making up 5 hours, not the full 7 (minus lunch and breaks etc). I’m going to head out a bit earlier to get a couple Christmas presents for my husband and a friend.



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